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Top 10 Moments of You Who Came From the Stars: Episode 4

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2013.12.28 11:00 Mwave Grace Danbi Hong

Another murder, followed by the hint of romance in episode 4 of SBS′ You Who Came From the Stars.

Take a look at what we chose as our Top 10 Moments!

Jang Young Mok:People live their life to the fullest even though they know they’re going to die.
Even though they going to break up at one point, they love like there’s no tomorrow.
These foolish things are called humans.
I’m sure things will be better after time. It’ll be like nothing happen.
Later is important, but isn’t right now also important?
If something bad does happen to her, are you confident that you’ll be okay now?

Chun Song Yi: I’ve dated a couple of times, but first love? There was no one really to fit the part.
When I was young, there was a time when I was almost in a big accident, but this man saved me.
I don’t remember his face but I think he was tall and handsome?
It was a short moment,
but it felt like a very magical and intimate moment? I still remember it.
I don’t know if he’ll remember me, but I think if I see him, I’ll recognize him right away.
Like fate.

This epic fashion pose-off in the bride’s waiting room

Chun Song Yi: This is a really sorry thing to say in a time like this,
but do you have ramen or cold rice?
I couldn’t eat anything last night, so I’m a little starving….

Do Min Joon: Get out.

When puppy faces are ineffective towards Do Min Jun.

Chun Song Yi: What is this? When did I eat all of this?
I was just going to eat three chopsticks worth.
I’m ruined!

Reporters: If someone like Chun Song Yi’s boyfriend came, it would be big news.

Lee Hwi Kyung, mingling with the enemies, who offer him hospitality.

Chun Song Yi: When I saw her last, she kept bragging to me that she was going to get married.
She was only thirty-years old. How did this happen?
I didn’t do anything wrong, but why do I feel so bad and so sorry?

Han Yura: When I get married, I’m going to retire.
You can gobble up everything when I’m retired.

Chun Song Yi: Unnecessary worry. I’m already doing fine right now.

Han Yura So rude. Can’t even lose once.

Chun Song Yi: Look who’s talking.

We wish Han Yura didn’t die. They could have been good frenemies.

When Do Min Joon did go on that boat to save Chun Song Yi

LOVE IS THE MOMEN- oops, wrong drama, but you get the idea.

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