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Top 10 Moments of You Who Came From the Stars: Episode 3

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2013.12.28 10:00 Mwave Grace Danbi Hong

We can’t get enough of Chun Song Yi’s awesomeness in SBS’ You Who Came From the Stars that it was hard to stay within just 10 moments, but we somehow did it.

You can be awesome too by checking it out!

Chun Song Yi: I’m going to be watching you two.
The next time I see you ignoring Yoo Semi, I’m really not going to let it go.
You heard the rumor that I have a nasty temper, right?
That’s not a rumor – it’s the truth.

Standing up for your friend in the best way ever – Good girl Chun Song Yi.

Yoo Joon Sang: You even made your computer background a celebrity picture!

Lee Hwi Kyung: That’s actually my girlfriend.

Yoo Joon Sang: Be quiet! If Chun Song Yi is your girlfriend, then my wife is Kim Nam Joo!

Yoo Joon Sang making his cameo count.
(His wife was Kim Nam Joo in Unexpected You)

Chun Song Yi: My stomach….No focus.
I am a star. I am the star of Asia.
I am the nation′s goddess!
I must be the best…even in hospital fashion.

Chun Song Yi: You can’t leave.
When I wake up, don’t go anywhere and stay right beside me.
Okay? Manager Do! Don’t go anywhere! You can’t!

Aww, he cares.

Nurse: She has to release gas. There are green arrows in the hallway.
Support her and take her on a walk a few times.
It’ll help her pass gas.

Chun Song Yi: I…don’t do things like that…

And you also only drink dew drops and fill your stomach with love from fans.

Chun Song Yi: (farts)

Do Min Jun: It is done.

Chun Song Yi: That wasn’t mine!

Do Min Jun: Nurse!

Chun Song Yi: It wasn’t mine!

Chun Song Yi: On the day of the first snow…it’s all about chicken and beer.
Or intestines and beer. Pork skin is good too.
I want seafood pancakes and makgeolli too.
Jajangmyun, sweet and sour pork.
I suddenly crave live squid too.
When you dip it in sesame oil, it starts squirming and it’s so chewy.

Way to ruin an innocent memory of first snow

Do Min Jun: Before, you were slightly uncomfortable around me,
but I think you’ve gotten really relaxed.

Jang Young Mok: After seeing you for 30 years, it’s about time I get comfortable.
And you can’t ignore the visual. Anyone will tell you we are father and son.
My heart’s gotten very comfortable with you.

Do Min Jun: Where did the respect for elders go in this well-mannered country of the east?
There are times when I think this world is disgraceful when I see how it′s run!

Do Min Jun I came to borrow some books.

Boss Hong: Of course, of course. What books?

Do Min Jun: The Housekeeper of the One Room.
The Brilliant Temptation of the Man Next Door.
In the Middle of the Night at the Office with the Greedy Boss.
A Contract Marriage with a Tyrant.

Just let your imagination run wiiiiiiild

Chun Song Yi: I was thankful for what you did at the hospital last time.
I didn’t take you for this kind of guy.
I thought you were a pretty decent guy, but this is what you’re going to do?

Do Min Jun: I have no idea what you’re saying.

Chun Song Yi: What are you going to do with a pair of women’s heels?

Do Min Jun: I didn’t take it!

The hanging head of shame.

Photo Credit: SBS

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