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[Star of the Week] The Girls Who Fell For the Beastly Hearts of B2ST

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2013.12.29 12:00 Mwave Grace Danbi Hong

While B2UTIES will always have a special place in their hearts, the B2ST members temporarily made some spots for some lucky ladies, who’ve had the chance to work with B2ST on different occasions.

Some interactions lasted longer than others, but one thing is for sure – these ladies must have done something good in their previous lives.

Lee Soo Kyung & Yoon So Hee

If food was a girl, Yoon Du Jun would be all over it, but it’s not, so he instead chose Lee Soo Kyung and Yoon So Hee as his ladies in tvN’s Let’s Eat.

Lee Soo Kyung and Yoon So Hee play his neighbors in apartment 805 and apartment 804. These ladies have completely opposite personalities and a hate/love relationship with Yoon Du Jun, but the three manage to keep each other company with their love for food in common.

AOA’s Seol Hyun

Yang Yo Seob made a short (and we mean short) appearance on KBS’ My Daughter Seo Young as a strict sunbae who scolded CN Blue’s Lee Jung Shin, who was dreaming of becoming an actor.

While he was cold-blooded to Lee Jung Shin, Yang Yo Seob melted at the sight of AOA’s Seol Hyun, as they flirted with each other while taking selcas.

4minute’s Hyuna

While the guys may say he’s lucky to be working with her, we say 4minute’s Hyuna was lucky to be dancing alongside Jang Hyun Seung

Embracing something no two idols have done before, Jang Hyun Seung and Hyuna got reeeeeeeal close as Trouble Makers, having all eyes on them as they put on sexy performance, which sometimes included surprise kisses.

Lee Da In

Telling the heart fluttery tale of first loves and first kisses, Lee Da In is currently living the dream of every fan out there by dating the idol of the moment, Lee Gi Kwang in CJ E&M’s 4 episode drama Twenty Years Old.

They started out as friends in middle school, before becoming each other’s first kisses, and finally becoming a couple undercover from the public with Lee Gi Kwang’s idol status.

If only our best guy friends from childhood became hot idol stars like Lee Gi Kwang…..

Ha Yeon Soo

Playing another idol star was Yong Jun Hyung, who gets forced to go to high school in tvN’s Monstar.

But everything happens for a reason, and he meets Ha Yeon Soo, a girl from New Zealand, who has a slight obsession with sheep.

Long story short, Yong Jun Hyung develops a small crush on Ha Yeon Soo as they make beautiful music together to compete against the rich kids at school.

Kara’s Nicole

While there are many people in the 91-line crew, it appears that out of the ladies, Son Dong Woon is pretty close with Kara’s Nicole.

Not only do they chill with each other and the other members of the exclusive 91 club, but they also tweet each other back and forth, keeping a close watch on their upcoming promotions and even checking up on their new hair colors.

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