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[Interview] EXO’s Xiu Min Says His Current Popularity is Due to Other EXO Members

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2013.12.28 14:00 Newsen Kwon Soo Bin Translation Credit : Yeawon Jung

EXO’s Xiu Min talked about the success of EXO throughout this year.

EXO recently had an interview with Newsen in a waiting room for a music program after performing Christmas Day.

When asked about how he feels about taking the ‘center’ spot frequently while performing Christmas Day, Xiumin answered, “I’m really happy. There’s so many of us that it’s hard for each of us to be in the center, but this time I got the opportunity to do so.”

As a member of EXO-M, Xiu Min began his career by performing in China, but came to Korea when the group released its first official album XOXO.

“I’m still not totally used to my popularity yet,” said Xiu Min. “I don’t think I deserve to stand in that spot.”

When the reporter commented on his humbleness, he responded, “I’m not being humble, I just accept myself for who I am. I tend to look at the reality.”

“I think I came to this spot thanks to the other members,” continued the EXO member. “If I was alone, I don’t think the current popularity would have been possible.”

[Interview] EXO’s Xiu Min Says His Current Popularity is Due to Other EXO Members

About his current popularity, he said, “I can definitely tell that my face is being recognized by more people since 2013 Mnet Asian Music Awards. My name is listed as one of the most searched words and people recognize me on the street when I walk around.”

Receiving much love and support from fans in Korea, Xiu Min said, “I never really looked forward to performing in Korea when I was in China, but now I think it’s enjoyable to perform in Korea. But my base is still China, so I’m ready to work hard when I return to China.”

Xiu Min was also recently chosen as the member who was least likely to cry on MBC’s EXO’s Showtime.

“I think I tend to hold in my tears more compared to the other members,” said Xiu Min. “I want to cry too, but I hold it in. I have emotions, but I’m not very good at expressing them.”

Even though the EXO member is known to be one of the strongest members, he confessed that he has a fear of cats.

“I’m afraid of cats, because I was attacked by one when I was young,” confessed Xiu Min.

He also lost a lot of weight since the release of the album XOXO after constantly being on a diet.

“It was really hard back then because I wasn’t eating enough and I had no energy and even got sick often,” said Xiu Min. “But now I eat well and try take care of my health.”

Photo credit: Newsen

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