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[Star of the Week] The EXO Boys and the People They Call Friends

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2013.12.22 16:00 Mwave Grace Danbi Hong

Despite being in a group of 12 people, it can get lonely at times, and what better way to cure that loneliness but with a friend?

From before debut to after debut, the EXO members have found people to call their good friends, learning to find the right people to lean on when they need to take a break away from the group.

Here are some members who have found best friends in the K-Pop industry!

Unfortunately, we couldn′t incldue everybody, so make sure to leave in the comments below other EXO members and their best buddies!

Luhan and Block B’s Jaehyo

It turns out Luhan goes way back with Block B’s Jaehyo as an old picture floated up on the Internet.

We′re not entire sure how Lu Han and Jaehyo have become friends, but we don′t think it′s important since their friendship is still going strong as proven by Jaehyo, who answers fan questions about their friendship at fansigning events.

Chan Yeol and Teen Top′s L.Joe

If you watched the ending stage of Mnet′s M COUNTDOWN - What′s Up LA, you probably witnessed this friendship.

Chan Yeol and Teen Top′s L.Joe were seen with their hands around each other, jumping up and down to the music with big smiles on their faces.

The two have introduced each other as respectable sunbae and respectable hyung and proven that they′re close enough to compliment and joke with each other, especially when Chan Yeol said Teen Top was really cool, while L.Joe said everyone except Chan Yeol in EXO was handsome.

Then L.Joe particularly gave a shoutout to Chan Yeol via Twitter, writing, "My mood has gotten better seeing hyung receive a trophy! Loo loo~ Chan Yeol hyung~ Congratulations~~ I forgot to vote."

So yeah, their love is pretty apparent.

Se Hun & 2EYES Da Eun

Starting out as a rookie is hard, unless you have your best guy friend around to give you advice.

Luckily for 2EYES′ Da Eun, she has not just any guy friend, but Se Hun by her side, giving her hints on how to survive the entertainment world in the best way possible.

These two have been friends for many years, having spent their high school years encouraging each other on their path to stardom.

Su Ho and SHINee′s Jonghyun

We laughed so hard when we found out that these two were friends, not because the pairing seemed off or silly, but because of the way Su Ho and SHINee′s Jonghyun decided to prove their friendship.

Being the handy SNS man, Jonghyun posted a conversation he had with Su Ho on Kakaotalk, which basically had Su Ho telling Jong Hyun to show off their friendship.

Like a good friend, Jonghyun obeyed by writing, "Showed off," and posting the picture that Su Ho sent him.

And that was that.

Tao, Kris, and miss A′s Jia

As part of the China line, as she calls it, Tao and Kris became close friends with miss A′s Jia.

As people who share similar culture, language, and heritage, Tao, Kris, and Jia seemed to have bonded fairly easily with the other members of the crew.

While at times, sharing too much became a pain in the butt (anyone remember the cat incident?), but if you got friends like Tao and Kris, who wouldn′t want to let the whole world know?

We certainly would.

D.O and Super Junior′s Ryeowook

D.O. and Super Junior′s Ryeowook love each other and it′s not hidden fact.

Not only does Ryeowook post a lot of pictures with the adorable EXO member, but when Xiu Min suggested that he and Ryeowook appear in MBC′s We Got Married together, Ryeowook politely declined, saying, "Sorry, but I have D.O."

Then there was that time Ryeowook and D.O. made beautiful harmony together singing Fly to the Sky′s Missing You and it was perfect (no matter what haters said).

Kai and SHINee′s Taemin

We find Kai and SHINee Taemin′s friendship so heartwarming that it brings us to tears.

We′ve recently been able to see their relationship on a closer level as Kai has appeared on MBC′s We Got Married and Taemin talked so much about his BFF to his onscreen bride.

But their friendship goes further than what′s we see on We Got Married as these two practically grew up together as they trained together at SM Entertainment, chasing the same dream.

When two people become so close together, they start looking like each other, and Kai and Taemin have both heard that they do resemble each other.

And just like how best friends would react, both of them said they aren′t really happy about it.

Xiu Min and Infinite′s Dong Woo

Both being born in 1990 and in two popular idol group bands, it wasn′t hard for Xiu Min and Infinite′s Dong Woo to become friends.

Although they graduated from the same high school, it wasn′t until after they debuted that they realized how well they went together.

As high school colleagues, now sunbae and hoobae, Dong Woo and Xiu Min have gotten so close that there are rumors that they even share a friendship bracelet together.

And friendship bracelets are for life.

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