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[Star of the Week] EXO’s Growth Spurt in Variety Shows

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2013.12.22 14:00 Mwave Grace Danbi Hong

It takes a lot of skill and talent to perform well on a variety program in Korea.
If you’re not funny, you might get easily edited out with your portion of several hours worth of filming never seeing daylight ever again.

So that’s why EXO started appearing on variety programs, it surprised everyone because despite only debuting in 2012, the EXO boys showed much potential to have what it takes to make it out alive in the ruthless world of variety and editing.

Weekly Idol

Appearing on this show has become the dream of every rookie idol group out there as being on MBC every1’s Weekly Idol almost guarantees that your popularity will go up with fans being able to see how funny you can be.

So when EXO appeared on the hilarious program, more people were signing onto becoming fans as the members didn’t hesitate in showing everything that they had from their super powers to the show’s trademark ‘Random Play Dance.’

Infinity Challenge

Although they were guests for only a small portion of the episode, the EXO members managed to appear in MBC’s Infinity Challenge, really proving their popularity.

The Infinity Challenge members wanted to surprised their guest directors, who were high school girls in love with EXO.

They decided to perform Wolf but learned quickly that they can’t do it on their own. So they reached out to EXO, who graciously agreed to appear on the show for the Infinity Challenge members and the high school guests on the show.

So why is it a big deal that EXO appeared on this show? Infinity Challenge has been running since 2006 and has been at the top of its game ever since.

Running Man

How many fans rejoiced when it was reported that EXO was going to come out on SBS’ Running Man? We weren’t keeping count, but we’re pretty sure a countless number of fans were screaming all around the world.

EXO finally made its appearance on the popular program, continuing the traditional Seek and Run game that the show has started in 2010.

The EXO members gave the Running Man members a scare, especially when they teamed up to rip off Kim Jong Kook’s name tag.

Although the appearance was short, the segment was just pure joy to watch.

Until the day the EXO members return for a full episode of Running Man!

The Beatles Code

So they proved they can get by variety shows that require physical skills, but what happens when the focus is on talking?

Well, the EXO members appeared on Mnet’s The Beatles Code and proved that talk shows are not a challenge.

They managed to have the audience rolling in laughter with silly stories and witty comments, getting even more people to fall in love with their charms.

Now that The Beatles Code has been revamped to 3D, we hope to see the EXO members on the show again to get involved in the dangerous, diss, and direct conversations that will occur.

EXO’s Showtime

Now, how can we forget this one?

It is a very rare thing when an idol group member actually has an entire variety program under its name, and EXO did just that with MBC every1’s EXO’s Showtime.

The show is still a baby, taking its first steps quite cautiously, but the EXO members are just oozing with charms and adorableness as they eat chicken, take walks with puppies, and cry over everything they’ve experienced in one year.

Looking at how things are unfolding for EXO’s Showtime, the program will be sprinting along the racetrack in no time.

Photo Credit: MBC every1, MBC, SBS, Mnet

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