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Haha Reveals the Pain Hidden behind the Laughs of ‘Infinity Challenge’

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2012.04.12 14:08 Mwave Ko Hong Ju Translation Credit : Erika Kim

“Wednesdays are days when I don’t get any sleep.” -Confession from MBC Infinity Challenge member Haha.

The shoots for Infinity Challenge take place every Thursday, all day. To the show’s viewers Infinity Challenge is 90 minutes of Saturday evening fun, but for the producers and members, it means a day, or more than one day, of sweat and pain.

Haha appeared on the April 10 broadcast of KBS2’s Win Win to say that he suffers from insomnia every Wednesday. Seeing how the episodes are always chock full of silly fun, everyone probably assumed the shoots would take place in an enjoyable ‘play’ atmosphere with the members, who had already been together for seven years, but Haha confessed surprisingly that their shoots took place in utmost tension.

Haha Reveals the Pain Hidden behind the Laughs of ‘Infinity Challenge’

“Wednesdays are days when I don’t get any sleep,” Haha started. “I thought I was the only one, but the members haven’t been getting any sleep [on Wednesdays] for seven years. Our bodies have learned that Wednesdays are sleepless days.”

The tension variety stars feel before the day of their shoot comes naturally, but it also causes them great pain.

He said, “When we start shooting it’s okay, but we can’t help but be pressured the day before when we think of the pain that will come to us the next day. Physical pain is okay, but the psychological pain is great also. These days we shoot for more than 12 hours, up to even 18, and we’re always burdened with the task of staying alive [in the show].”

Haha said the important thing is that the members’ personalities change completely in front of the camera. It’s survival of the fittest. “When the cameras come on everyone gets busy trying to chew on one another. If someone goes up, someone else needs to come down, but of course people feel that they don’t want to come down once they’re up. That can be an episode in its own, but it’s pretty stressful,” he said.

Infinity Challenge has been airing reruns for 10 weeks due to the MBC strike. As such, shoots aren’t taking place either, but the members’ ties remain strong. It comes naturally to them to gather at least one day in a week to hold meetings for new ideas for Infinity Challenge.

Haha said “the producers and cast come together to hold meetings for ideas with a friendly air,” but he couldn’t help but show he was sorry the show was missing so many episodes.

“We want to keep our promise with the viewers as soon as possible,” he said. “I hope everything turns out okay without hurting anyone.”

Infinity Challenge stopped airing new episodes after the second installment of the ‘Haha VS Hong Chul special’ aired in January. Haha feels the most sorry about the halt in production, as he was the main character of the series. “I was the main character, so I want to let everyone know the results [of the competition] as soon as possible.”

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