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Top 10 Moments of ′You Who Came From the Stars′: Episode 2

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2013.12.21 11:00 Mwave Grace Danbi Hong

Here we are with another episode of SBS′ You Who Came From the Stars!

Are you enjoying the series so far? We totally are, and so we give you our top 10 moments from episode 2!

That moment when you realize you′re being insulted in old Korean.

Reporter: What do you do to maintain your beauty?

Chun Song Yi: Nothing special. Smile a lot. Have a positive mind. I think that′s the most important.
I also take something special - vitamins and omega 3.

Ah~ and I also use propofol.
The results are jjang. It makes my body light and my feelings great.

You mean…propolis?

When the new rookie employee doesn′t take the hint.

And cameo appearance by Yoo Jun Sang!

Hong Bok Ja: I am Chun Song Yi′s middle school and high school colleague.
I think there′s a misunderstanding about her.
That girl didn′t get rude because she got popular.
She was always rude from the beginning.

Chun Song Yi: Is there something exciting happening?

Even when your friend is cursing at you on the internet. Sigh.

Chun Song YiI just don′t understand it.
Why do people say they like me in front of me, but hate me from the back?
Why do you think that, Bok Ja?

Question of the hour.

Grandpa: Have you seen it? Have you seen your grandfather beating me.

When you can′t even prove someone wrong because you′re like more than 400 years old.

Do Min Jun: I am curious, but if there′s a reason to meet her, don′t you think we′ll meet?
If I leave without meeting her, then there′s a reason why we didn′t meet.

As I lived a long time here, that′s what I learned.

Chun Song Yi: Stay still! Don′t fall down.
Are you not going to listen to unnie? If you keep coming down, I′ll look like a ghost. My clothes are already white.


Lee Hwi Kyung: You know Chun Song Yi.
The hottest actress in Korea is passed out drunk - who knows what you filmed!
Why would I believe everything you say and innocently leave?

Do Min Jun: You′re right.
If she is a famous and amazing woman like you say,
why should I believe everything you say and let you innocently leave?

Lee Hwi Kyung: ….what?

Do Min Jun: She may be the hottest in Korea right now,
but right now she′s drunk and who knows what you′re going to do to her.

Do Min Jun: 1. Lee Hwi Kyung: 0.
Let the rivalry begin.

Do Min Jun: Whether you want it or don′t want it, if it′s meant to happen, it will.

People on earth call that fate.

Photo Credit: SBS

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