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[Star of the Week] Kim Woo Bin′s Past, Present and Future Best Friends

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2013.12.15 14:00 Mwave Grace Danbi Hong

Everyone needs a friend to lean on when life gets hard, and luckily for Kim Woo Bin, he has several friends (very handsome friends, if we may add) that he can count on.

Lee Jong Suk

Lee Jong Suk is the first person to come to mind when putting the words ‘Kim Woo Bin’ and ‘bromance’ together, since these two really sparked the bromance culture in 2013.

They filmed the KBS drama, School 2013 together, as the on-and-off, on-again best friends, who fought through trials and high school drama together.

Lee Jong Suk and Kim Woo Bin became so engrossed in their roles that they eventually made their bromance public.

While Kim Woo Bin might have a pretty girlfriend by his side, fans still vote Kim Woo Bin with Lee Jong Seok as the best couple.

Jang Mi Kwan

Before he was a model, before he was an actor, before he was super famous, Kim Woo Bin was just a young teenager, struggling to get by, even drinking water to fill his empty stomach.

But the reason why he was able to overcome such a hard period in his life is because of his friend and model, Jang Mi Kwan.

Together, Kim Woo Bin and Jang Mi Kwan kept each other accountable every time things started to look bad. When one wanted to give up, the other would encourage.

This might be a bit of a stretch, but if Jang Mi Kwan wasn’t there, maybe we wouldn’t have Kim Woo Bin either.

The ‘White Christmas’ Model Boys

In the days of his flaming red hair, Kim Woo Bin debuted as an actor in KBS’ White Christmas, where he was given a chance to act among his model friends.

Kim Young Kwang, Lee Soo Hyuk, Hong Jong Hyun, Sung Jun, and Kim Woo Bin all starred in this 8-episode drama, paving the way for these models’ acting careers.

These boys were probably friends already from their modeling careers, but White Christmas seemed to seal the deal as they each started going in different career directions, while still maintaining their close friendship. They even used a program as an excuse to go on a road trip together.

All we can say is please stay friends forever.
And maybe come out in another drama together.

So all these friends we’ve mentioned so far all started out as models. Now that Kim Woo Bin’s career has kicked off and soared high, here are a few people we hope to see Kim Woo Bin buddy buddy with from this point onward.

Lee Min Ho

Excuse us for being a bit The Heirs obsessed, but Kim Woo Bin and Lee Min Ho did a phenomenal job as frenemies Choi Young Do and Kim Tan.

In the drama, they exchanged fists and a lot of nasty comments, but Kim Tan and Choi Young Do always cared for each other deep down, even though they were fighting for the same girl.

Now that The Heirs has wrapped up and Kim Tan and Choi Young Do are no more, we hope that Lee Min Ho and Kim Woo Bin can take their bromance off camera and still remain friends even after the drama.

After all, they’re both the hottest things on the market right now, so it’s only right for them to stick together, right?


Now, before you start throwing rocks at us, the reason why we want Kim Woo Bin and IU to be friends is simple.

Back in the past, when Kim Woo Bin was still a rookie, he bragged to his little cousin that he was good friends with IU.

There are times in life when we end up lying to impress our relatives, and for Kim Woo Bin, it was one of those times.

So in order to undo his lie, we hope Kim Woo Bin and IU can become close friends.

But perhaps they are already are, since Kim Woo Bin and IU met on Mnet’s M COUNTDOWN as MC and singer.

If they’re still not friends, come on, IU. Who wouldn’t want to be friends with Kim Woo Bin?

De-Het Myung Soo, a.k.a ZE:A′s Hyung Sik

When things got dreary and sad in The Heirs, we could always count on ZE:A′s Hyung Sik to brighten up the mood with his silly antics and adorable comments.

While he was cute whenever he popped up, his interaction with Kim Woo Bin were some of our favorite moments in the drama as they carried out their own little bromance.

We hope that they can carry on the hyung-dongseng relationship even after the drama, mainly because the two of them just make us so happy.

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