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[Interview] MC Sniper Looks Back on His Life With New Album

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2012.04.10 09:44 Mwave Kim, JiYeon Translation Credit : Ju Ahn Lee

MC Sniper, who is well known for avoiding the spotlight, was rather cheerful and outspoken in our latest meeting. Both of us were so engrossed in the conversation that we hardly noticed that an hour had gone by.

It was hard to believe that the last interview took place more than three years ago in November 2009, when MC Sniper released his fifth full-length album Museum.

[Interview] MC Sniper Looks Back on His Life With New Album

MC Sniper will make his comeback on April 13 with the release of his sixth full-length album Full Time. With it, he will once again return to his musician roots after producing Outsider, a rapper who shook the Korean music scene with his rapid-fire lines.

Welcoming his return to the stage after three years away from the music scene, MC Sniper’s new album will contain a whopping 20 songs. In fact, an hour can quickly go by when listening to all the songs, which is something that’s not easy to find in today’s albums.

Whereas most groups release the digital single right after the album and then jump headfirst into the promotional activities in order to maximize their profits, MC Sniper’s act goes against the flow of today’s music scene. Was the reckless attempt made possible due to his current position as a producer?

Do you think it reckless decision to include 20 songs in the album?

“Although the album contains 20 songs, I initially wrote more than twice that amount. As a result, I thought it was time to make a full-length album. It’s usually hard to know what kind of message an artist wants to share with the public if one were to listen to each song individually. That’s why I hope I was able to reveal my thoughts and feelings from the past three years through my new album. I wanted to reveal who ‘MC Sniper’ was to my fans.”

You said you put ‘yourself’ into your sixth album. Please explain.

“I wanted to return to my roots and it seems accurate to say that I wanted to appear rough around the edges. There was also a reason behind the name of the album, Full Time. Just as ‘Full Time’ means permanent, I was able to complete the album due to a sense of responsibility I felt towards it.”

What did you mean when you said that you wanted to be ‘rough around the edges’?

“I want to produce the kind of music I enjoyed, without concerning myself with the thoughts and opinions of others. As an artist and album producer, I have faced a growing amount of concerns, both knowingly and unknowingly. That’s why I went with my gut and chose a course that wasn’t ideal from a producer’s perspective. Moreover, Outsider’s hit song Loner wasn’t originally selected as a title song. I feel the album will be a hit with the public because I followed my instincts. The sixth album contains my rough edges and instinctive feelings and I was able to showcase the kind of music I wanted as a result.”

[Interview] MC Sniper Looks Back on His Life With New Album

The album contains an unbelievable 20 songs.

“That’s right. It became a lot because I had to pour three years worth of my life into it. However, if there’s one obvious truth, it is that the songs cover topics that haven’t been covered by other artists. In addition, each song - starting with the first track all the way to the last - tells a different story. For example, there is a song that contains a conversation between a boss and an employee, with the first verse coming from the employee’s perspective while the second verse is from the perspective of the boss. Another song contains the anguish and panic that I experienced when Turtle’s Lim Sung Hoon passed away unexpectedly.”

The album is diverse. However, if you had to choose a single theme, what would it be?

“Looking back. There is a song that I sang with Ms. Woong San and when you first listen to it, it appears to be a song about the development of a child. But if you look deeper, you can find hidden theme about life. The Art of Death is another song that greatly reveals my inner thoughts.”

“In the same manner, there seems to be a reason for everything when we take the time to look back. In particular, some truths are only visible when we stop what we are doing. Stepping aside from the perspective of a musician, I feel a man’s most important growth comes through self meditation and reflection. As such, I wanted to look back on my life through my sixth album.”

MC Sniper appears to have discovered himself through his music. And that could prove to be the greatest strength of a singer/songwriter. Everyone who wishes to face the world and discover their true inner self should listen to MC Sniper’s sixth album.

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