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[Star of the Week] 2NE1 Songs that Make Us Just Get Up and Dance

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2013.12.08 14:00 Mwave Grace Danbi Hong

While 2NE1 is taking it easy this time with a soft ballad like Missing You, we all know that 2NE1 is known for the fierce and powerful songs that just know what to say to get you all pumped up.

[Star of the Week] 2NE1 Songs that Make Us Just Get Up and Dance

There’s nothing like listening to a 2NE1 song after a long and terrible day to get our spirits hopping again and so we choose some of the energetic group’s that makes us drop everything and just dance.

Go Away

Had a terrible break up? Feel like crawling into bed and never moving?

2NE1’s Go Away is an instant cure for that kind of situation as the members basically blow off all the dumb things the boys did to break up hearts.

Instead of wallowing in their sorrows (Although some wallowing is still allowed after a breakup), the 2NE1 members basically tell the boys to forget it because these girls aren’t just about to wait around when there’s someone better out there.

Clap Your Hands

Clap Your Hands gets our bodies and hands moving to beat…and feel badass.

We wish we had enough rhythm in our bodies to actually carry out the step dance 2NE1 does in this video.

But we don’t.

So we just freestyle it.

Follow Me

Having grown up in a Korean household, we’ve been singing the original version of this song since our childhood.

So there’s something about 2NE1’s version of Follow Me that gets our hearts pumping and ready to move.

Perhaps it’s the nostalgia of our past or maybe the pure awesome that 2NE1 adds to one of our favorite childhood songs.


We get pretty nostalgic about this song as well, because it just shoots us right back to that exact moment when the debut of the new YG girl group that we’ve been waiting for finally happened.

And how grand it was when it did.

The eh eh eh eh eh eh eh~~ 2NE1! lyrics as well as the easy to follow dances.
We just let ourselves go wild when we crank this song up.

I Am the Best

And of course we are not forgetting this one.

A must when belting it out at the Noraebang (karaoke).
There’s nothing better than talking how awesome and amazing you are and I Am the Best hits the spot.

Do you really need any more explanations for this song?

Photo Credit: YG Entertainment

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