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[Star of the Week] The 2NE1 Members and Their Rainbow-Colored Hair

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2013.12.08 12:00 Mwave Elizabeth Eun

We all know that idols tend to switch up their hair colors with each concept. But we′re particularly amazed by the ladies of 2NE1, who tend to go wild and crazy with the hair dye - all year round.

We′re supremely jealous of these ladies′ locks - and we only wish we could pull off every color of the rainbow like they do. Click through to see ROYGBIV played out through 2NE1′s hair!


No one pulled off that bright red hair quite like Park Bom - and though the lead singer of 2NE1 has worn many a color besides red, it does seem to be her trademark hair color, as she′s gone back to it time and time again.


Orange hair is a hard look to pull off, no matter how many people are talking about how Orange is the New Black. But maknae Minzy makes it cute - and the styling makes it a throwback to the days of 90s K-Pop.


While leader CL′s hair isn′t really yellow (we′d call it a dirty blonde), we couldn′t leave her out, considering the fact that CL tends to go back and forth between this blonde and black. But we give more props to hair-trendsetter Sandara Park, who went for a true highlighter yellow during I Love You promotions.


We know, we know. Park Bom′s hair isn′t exactly green, and part of Minzy′s hair is blue and black. But there′s a hint of green. So we say it counts. Especially since green hair is hard to pull off anyway.


A little bit NSFW, but CL rocked blue hair and Jeremy Scott for her fashion editorial with iiD Magazine - we can′t see her face, but we sure can see those blue...tips...

Minzy of course, also rocked the blue dye for quite some time, going from pale to...


That′s right. We′re using Minzy′s blue crop again for Indigo. Like we said, Minzy rocked the pale blue silver but she also went darker, making the most out of her indigo pixie cut.


Again, Sandara Park switched it up for I Love You promotions - not only did she shave off half her head, she constantly switched up the dye. We particularly like this violet ombre - since pretty much no one else could pull that off.

Minzy′s pale purple bob on the other hand - we totally recommend trying this at home. You may look a little bit like an anime character, but just tell everyone you′re rocking the 2NE1 look.

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