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[Interview] ‘Reply 1994’ Son Ho Jun says Best Friend TVXQ′s Yunho Never Breaks a Promise

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2013.12.07 15:00 Newsen Jung Jin Young Translation Credit : Yeawon Jung

Before appearing in drama Reply 1994, Son Ho Jun was always known as ‘TVXQ’s U-know Yunho’s best friend,’ instead of by his own name. The two have been close friends ever since before the actor even had the chance to make his name known.

“U-know Yunho visited just to eat with me amid his busy schedules, when I was hungry and poor,” said Son Ho Jun in an interview with Newsen.

[Interview] ‘Reply 1994’ Son Ho Jun says Best Friend TVXQ′s Yunho Never Breaks a Promise

Acting as ‘Haitai’ in the drama Reply 1994, Son Ho Jun plays the character who is all about keeping strong and true friendships. The actor pointed out that this was the quality that made him most similar to his character.

“I am similar to Haitai in that we both like friends. Most of my friends are from the countryside, and we meet to talk in coffee shops often. Sometimes we meet up to do various activities” said the actor. “U-know Yunho is definitely one of my best friends. He supported and cheered for me for over ten years.”

[Interview] ‘Reply 1994’ Son Ho Jun says Best Friend TVXQ′s Yunho Never Breaks a Promise

The two have been friends since their time in Gwangju, Jeolla-do, their hometown. It makes one wonder then, since Son Ho Jun is acting as a student from Gwangju in the drama Reply 1994, can’t he invite U-know Yunho to cameo in the drama?

“I’ve actually asked him to appear as a cameo a couple times,” said the actor. “He told me he really wants to appear in the drama, but he has a packed schedule. It’s a letdown for both of us.”

But instead, the two made a promise for the future. “U-know Yunho promised to appear in a movie or a drama if I get the main role.”

When asked if he recorded the promise, Son Ho Jun confidently said, “U-know Yunho always keeps his promises. He has never broken a promise in the 12 years I’ve known him. So I am sure that he will keep this one too.”

Photo credit: Newsen

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