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T-ara to Become Nine Member Group

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2012.04.06 14:00 Mwave Lee, DongHyun Translation Credit : Erika Kim

The seven member girl group T-ara will bring in two more members to become a nine member group.

Head CEO Kim Kwang Soo of T-ara’s agency Core Contents Media announced the measure through a press release on April 6. At news that T-ara would undergo a big change, many rumors had popped up including those that said some members would be replaced, but the press release concluded the debate with the addition of two new members.

T-ara to Become Nine Member Group

Some are stating that the new nine member structure comes from the global success of the nine member girl group Girls’ Generation. The fact that CEO Kim appeared on a variety program when T-ara had just made its debut to say that the group would “overtake Girls’ Generation” supports the theory.

At this, a rep from Core Contents Media said, “There are no more reasons for the change other than those stated in CEO Kim Kwang Soo’s press release. T-ara is already famous as a hallyu star. There’s no need for it to be conscious of other groups.”

The following is the full press release from CEO Kim.

It’s harder to keep up than to chase after. Because of this, I believe that one must work several times harder than those chasing after to stay at the top. T-ara will be taking up a nine member system.

I wish to announce this to all related officials and those who show their love and concern for T-ara. T-ara will be finalizing a nine member system from its current seven member system, and if needed, the group will immediately undergo member changes and the addition of new members.

The new members will start promoting with the group from T-ara’s upcoming album to be released in July, and the promotions will be matched for the nine members.

I wish to state what I’ve felt during the 30 years I’ve dug up and produced new celebrities after being active as a road manager for Kim Wan Sun, Kim Jong Chan, Kim Min Woo, Yoon Sang, No Young Shim, Jo Sung Mo, SG Wannabe, MC the Max, Seeya, Davichi, T-ara, etc.

I’ve felt a lot after seeing some of the celebrities I’ve produced become proud and lazy about three years after they’ve become substantially more popular, thinking that within the time of their contract ‘the attention of the public will never change regardless of whether they work hard or not’.

All fans, however, wish to see their stars always work hard on and off the stage and be role models for others, and wish to gain happiness and enjoyment from them.

T-ara does work hard, but I decided to change to and maintain a nine member system in place of the original seven member system to have them believe that they have to work harder on and off the stage.

I know well that many members of the public and officials are worried and concerned about T-ara’s recent member change.

The recent K-Pop scene has seen a whirlwind of new girl group and boy group debuts every month, and even now dozens of teams work hard in sweat for more than 10 hours.

I believe that in such conditions, T-ara will never become a better group if it settles with the thought that ‘we are T-ara’ or that ‘we are one of the top groups in Korea’.

T-ara is also an idol group that didn’t go through a long training period.

As the producer of the idol group T-ara, I looked back on myself, and T-ara and I have always worked hard now and then to take on new challenges with Bo Peep Bo Peep, I Go Crazy Because of You, Roly Poly, Cry Cry, We Were in Love and Lovey-Dovey.

I believe that the fans who like T-ara very much wish T-ara to become an idol that works hard onstage, is a role model for others and knows what’s right.

I am sorry to the fans as the head that produced T-ara, seeing how controversies on the way T-ara greets its seniors and the attitudes it shows onstage have continued to come up, and T-ara and all the staff of Core Contents Media will work hard so that such controversies related to T-ara will never occur again.

In the tortoise and the hare story, in the race between the hare and the tortoise, the hare would’ve won the race, but as it took a rest and took it easy thinking that the tortoise was far behind, the tortoise worked hard to keep up and came in first place, making the hare give up the first place spot to the tortoise.

If some of the T-ara members also become conceited and don’t work hard, and this causes harm to the other members, we are thinking of replacing such members to bring in new ones.

We believe this is the new road T-ara will have to take for it to stand tall in the center of K-Pop, not settling for Korea and reaching across Asia.

We hope to see your anticipation and attention, as the new members will be released with T-ara’s promotions for its new album to be released this July.

T-ara knows that it exists thanks to the help of its fans and officials, and say through this agency press release that it will always work hard to show a good image with a rookie’s mindset.

We hope to see your your understanding, attention and love for T-ara’s new future.

-Core Contents Media Kim Kwang Soo

Photo credit: Core Contents Media

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