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[Poll] Who Rocked the Best Red Carpet Style at 2013 MAMA?

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2013.11.26 19:00 Mwave Elizabeth Eun

The annual Mnet Asian Music Awards took place this past Friday, on November 22, and while the show was obviously the main attraction, we also couldn′t get enough of the red carpet style.

Not all the stars walked the red carpet, but we′ve picked a few of our favorite looks - vote for YOUR favorite in this week′s poll below!

Big Bang

[Poll] Who Rocked the Best Red Carpet Style at 2013 MAMA?

Big Bang stormed onto the red carpet, and we literally let out a collective gasp. Even though the members changed into even more shocking outfits for their performances later, you just can′t deny that the Big Bang members know how to pull off unique, but totally appropriate red carpet fashion.

Points to the group for managing to match, but not be matchy-matchy.

Lee Soo Hyuk and Hong Jong Hyun

[Poll] Who Rocked the Best Red Carpet Style at 2013 MAMA?

Lee Soo Hyuk and Hong Jong Hyun may be playing in the acting field now, but they both started off as beautiful, beautiful models. And it shows. Just look at that perfect posing.

Also, we would like to know how Lee Soo Hyuk got into those pants, because we′re pretty sure we wouldn′t be able to get our arms in there.

Jang Hyuk

[Poll] Who Rocked the Best Red Carpet Style at 2013 MAMA?

This was Jang Hyuk′s first time at a music awards ceremony, so it seems like he decided to have fun with it - he literally walked out of the car, and the wind started blowing those perfectly tousled locks into an even more perfect windblown style.

Also, his pants seem to be ombred, he′s wearing what looks like Santa′s boots, and his overcoat gives us a headache if we look at it for too long. None of it should work, but just the fact that he went all in makes him a contender for best style on the 2013 MAMA red carpet.

Jung Woo and Go Ara

[Poll] Who Rocked the Best Red Carpet Style at 2013 MAMA?

Jung Woo and Go Ara are a sweet countrified couple in Reply 1994, so it was nice to see the two get all gussied up for the music event of the year.

We love that Jung Woo put on a bowtie (and we hope that Go Ara was the one to tie it for him), and Go Ara managed to pull off her red dress, even though it was a tad ill-fitting.

Still cuteness triumphs all.

Kim Jong Kook and Song Ji Hyo

[Poll] Who Rocked the Best Red Carpet Style at 2013 MAMA?

Another highly adorable couple kept it simple with black, white and a touch of gold. And we′re not talking about those plates of metal holding up Son Ji Hyo′s dress - did anyone else notice that Kim Jong Kook and Song Ji Hyo were literally glowing the entire night?

Song Ji Hyo′s dress length could have admittedly been a little long, or a little shorter, and we′re surprised that one suit could hold all of Spartakook′s muscles, but come on. When it comes to hair and makeup, these two take the cake.

Kim Ji Hoon

[Poll] Who Rocked the Best Red Carpet Style at 2013 MAMA?

Please take a moment to appreciate Kim Ji Hoon′s perfect pose. The slight bend in his knee, and the tilt back.

Then you can zero in on Kim Ji Hoon′s magic eye suit - but don′t look too long, since you might start seeing things.

But please also notice the little details - the black collar keeps the suit from being TOO overwhelming, and is Kim Ji Hoon wearing a massive ring? Why yes, yes he is. Flair, people, flair.

SNSD′s Hyoyeon and Seohyun

[Poll] Who Rocked the Best Red Carpet Style at 2013 MAMA?

Only two of the Girls′ Generation (SNSD) members headed to Hong Kong this year, but they managed to fill up the space despite the lack of seven other girls.

And yes, we acknowledge Hyoyeon took the bigger risk with her sapphire blue ensemble, but it′s a little too Dancing with the Stars - love the show, love the girl, but wish she had switched things up.

Seohyun, on the other hand, looked gorgeous in her Grecian-style gown, and thanks to her loose hair and flirty makeup, didn′t look like she was heading down a wedding aisle. Grown up, but not quite yet ready to be an ajumma - we approve.

Sung Jun and Kim So Yeon

[Poll] Who Rocked the Best Red Carpet Style at 2013 MAMA?

Sung Jun and Kim So Yeon are 10 whopping years apart, but damn if they don′t make a hot couple. Again, Sung Jun started off as a model, which means, yes, he very much can pull off that crazy suit jacket and lopsided bow (it matches his smirk, thank you very much).

And of course Kim So Yeon has been looking immaculate for the past however many years she′s been in the business, so even in her simple black dress, she′s not fading into the background.

Trouble Maker

[Poll] Who Rocked the Best Red Carpet Style at 2013 MAMA?

Trouble Maker′s Jang Hyun Seung and Hyuna walked on the red carpet with a purpose - and with their hands clasped tight.

And even though we′re not positive as to what these two are wearing - Jang Hyun Seung, a skirt and sweater over a full leather body suit? Hyuna wearing a matching top with a little leather fringe?

But we appreciated how bold they were when they were strutting their stuff, and the hand holding just made it 10 times better.

Make sure to vote for your favorite below!

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