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[Star of the Week] A Story of Super Junior as Told by Instagram Videos

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2013.11.24 18:00 Mwave Grace Danbi Hong

The Super Junior members were always ones to follow on SNS with their hilarious antics with each other or by themselves, so we were so happy when some of these members hopped on the Instagram wagon and even happier when Instagram created a video function.

[Star of the Week] A Story of Super Junior as Told by Instagram Videos

As we can watched the crazy unfold in the Instagram world, we decided to put together a little story about the Super Junior brothers who have stuck together for more than 8 years (training days included).

Driving isn’t the same if you’re not jamming to some good music with your bros.

And neither is flying somewhere, if you’re not fooling around with your friends the entire way.

You can’t shoot hoops by yourself. Basketball’s a team sport for a reason.

But it’s also good to have your alone time, eating food, watching dramas, and laughing your head off without a care in the world.

You have your best cat friend with amazing flying abilities to keep you company anyways.

Plus, you can enjoy the beauty of nature a lot more when you’re by yourself. In fact, you might even break out into song.

Luckily for Super Junior, when they miss their friends, they can just flip on the TV and voila! Deh-het Hyung Sik appears (with a bonus appearance by Kim Woo Bin).

But if you get sad being alone, you can always go to your non-judgmental firends who′ll join you when you do weird things.

So, even if your friends are sometimes big bullies…

And don’t forgive you for accidentally spilling food…

It’s always better together than alone, right?

Especially when you have so many fans who love you as well.

And life is good.

The end.

Photo Credit: SM Entertainment

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