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What Kim Soo Hyun was Thinking of a Year Ago

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2012.04.04 14:40 Mwave Lee, JinHo Translation Credit : Erika Kim

Kim Soo Hyun is the biggest star out there these days. He took step after big step with KBS2’s Dream High and MBC’s The Sun and the Moon to be blasted up to top star status.

But his rapid rise to success has people wondering more about who he was before the giant popularity came upon him. What was Kim Soo Hyun thinking a year before now? We took a look at what he wrote was on his mind at the time.

What Kim Soo Hyun was Thinking of a Year Ago

He was said to be “like a kid” when he first met Kim Hye Soo, Jun Ji Hyun, Kim Yun Suk and Lee Jung Jae, the leads of the film The Professionals. He compacted his thoughts about the film in two words, ‘professionals’ and ‘overseas’.

He also showed his desire to pick up a new language with the word ‘language’, a desire which probably sprouted from his shooting on locale in Hong Kong for The Professionals.

He was well on his way to stardom at the time, but he hadn’t let go of his studies. He entered Chung-Ang University’s theater and film studies department after four years of effort because he wanted to become an actor.

He said, “I’ve been on leave for three years, so I’m still in my freshman year,” because he was busy with SBS’ Will It Snow for Christmas?, Giant and Dream High. “I love my school, so I really want to graduate from it,” he said.

He also showed great love for his family through the keywords ‘family’ and ‘my home’.

The keyword that took up the most space was his work as an actor. He had written up the keyword list in April 2011, before he had confirmed his appearance on The Sun and the Moon. Because of this, he showed that more than anything his wish to meet a ‘good piece’ was the strongest.

His wish to get a ‘good piece’ was fulfilled with his appearance in The Sun and the Moon, which recorded viewership ratings of over 40 percent. His wish to work hard and earn ‘money’ came attached to the package.

It’s already been a year since it all started. Kim Soo Hyun’s has rose quickly in the ranks from a high-teen star to a big top star, but one thing hasn’t changed: his passion toward his work hasn’t changed much from how it was the year before.

What Kim Soo Hyun was Thinking of a Year Ago

Photo credit: Kim Byung Kwan, Kim Soo Hyun’s keyword list

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