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Se7en and Park Han Byul′s Surprising Break-Up Revelation

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2012.04.04 10:42 Mwave Kim, JiYeon Translation Credit : Ju Ahn Lee

This year marks their 10th year together as a couple for singer Se7en and actress Park Han Byul. It’s already been four years since they publicly professed their love for one another, and even the fans haven’t held back their support for the two’s unwavering love.

However, it wasn’t always smooth sailing and even this seemingly perfect couple had faced a crisis in the past. The full story of Se7en’s secret relationship was revealed recently and attracted the interest of the viewers.

Se7en appeared in the April 3 broadcast of SBS’ Strong Heart and shared a story that almost led to his break up with his girlfriend Park. The story occurred seven years into their relationship, when Se7en attempt to enter the U.S. market was a hot topic at the time.

Se7en and Park Han Byul′s Surprising Break-Up Revelation

“After seven years, [our relationship] was at a standstill. At that time, I was busy attempting to enter the U.S. market and had to live in America by myself for more than a year. We had gotten into an argument because I wasn’t able to see Park often due to our long distance relationship and we only talked on the phone occasionally. In the end, we decided to take a break from each other and take some time to think about our relationship,” Se7en said.

However, fate wouldn’t let these two stay apart for long. The following day, Se7en received a call from Park. “Park was furious at the time. I later found out that our couple photos were leaked to the press. Those in the know might have known aleady, but now, thanks to the leaked photos, everyone could clearly see that we were a couple,” Se7en revealed.

The photos attracted a lot of buzz and one particular photo showed the couple affectionately posing for the camera with mud packs on their faces and even contained the words ‘Our sixth year dating one another’. Soon after the photos were released, Se7en posted on his mini-homepage and acknowledged that the two were dating.

Se7en said, “At the time, there was chaos online. Even I was scared [about the public’s reaction] and I was a guy. I can’t imagine how it must have been for [Park]. It was only several hours ago when we decided to take a break from each other before ending our phone conversation. It seemed like a scene straight out of a movie. That was when I asked Park if it was okay to reveal our relationship to the public and posted a blog under the title ‘I’ll tell you everything.’”

After disclosing his relationship with Park to the public, the response was bigger than expected, with more than 100,000 fans leaving their fan cafe.

Se7en added, “Although there was a sense of joy and peace of mind, there was also sadness and disappointment. However, I believe the remaining fans loved me for who I am and there were more opportunities to communicate with my fans as a result.”

“In the past, I felt like I wasn’t completely honest. Even when I was asked ‘Do you have a girlfriend?’ I was always filled with regret when I replied ‘No’. After revealing our relationship to the public, I was relieved to honestly talk [about my relationship],” Se7en said.

Meanwhile, many artists from YG Family appeared on the ‘YG Family Special’ broadcast of Strong Heart that same day.

Photo credit: SBS

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