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Ailee’s Company Releases Official Statement on Issue

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2013.11.11 18:43 Mwave Grace Danbi Hong

After a large storm formed with the revealing of nude photos, Ailee’s agency, YMC Entertainment has finally spoken on the matter.

On November 11, YMC Entertainment released a statement saying it will be taking legal matters on the person who leaked the photos of Ailee.

Ailee’s Company Releases Official Statement on Issue

“While she was living in the US, Ailee was given an offer to be a model for a famous underwear company. The company told Ailee that she must take pictures in the nude for better examination of her body,” explained YMC Entertainment.

Ailee trusted that her personal information will be protected, but once the photos were sent out, the company in question cut all contact. Ailee reported the matter to the police but failed to see any results due to the lack of evidence. It was revealed that many other girls were also scammed in a similar matter.

Concerning the leaked photos, YMC Entertainment stated, “Ailee consulted her ex-boyfriend on the matter. Ailee shared the photos with him after he persuaded her that he needs the photos to get a better idea on the issue."

YMC Entertainment added that the ex-boyfriend is currently working with Allkpop, who reported first about the nude photos earlier on November 11.

YMC Entertainment stated that it will be taking this matter to court and doing its best to protect Ailee during this process.

“As it was an event that happened when she was young and thoughtless, this has proved to be a great pain for Ailee’s family and Ailee, who must live her life as a woman before she is a singer,” said YMC Entertainment.

“The issue is something that has given Ailee much shock and pain in the past. Even with such pain, Ailee went for her dreams, so we are worried that this past event will hurt her even more. We ask that you send words of comfort and encouragement to Ailee to continue her career, so that she does not continue being in pain.”

Photo Credit: YMC Entertainment

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