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Heechul Says ‘The Boys′ Only Succeeded Because It was SNSD

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2013.11.08 11:30 Mwave Grace Danbi Hong

Could Yoo Young Jin be losing his touch after many years?

On November 7’s broadcast of jTBC’s Ssulzun, the panel began to talk about the top composers and what they made from money.

Seeing Big Bang’s G-Dragon at fifth place, Kim Gura asked Super Junior’s Heechul why SM doesn’t raise their artists to become composers.

Heechul Says ‘The Boys′ Only Succeeded Because It was SNSD

Heechul replied that Lee Soo Man doesn’t want artists to poke around in composing if they’re not going to be as good as professional composers. “He’d rather the artist enjoy the stage and leave everything else to professional.”

Kim Gura disagreed, using YG artists as an example of singers who gradually became good at composing songs. It could also be a good financial plan for idol group members in the future

Heechul admitted that when he sees the royalties, he does wish he could write some songs.

“But the issue with our agency is that we have Yoo Young Jin and Kenzie. They are the walls that we cannot climb over.”

Heechul Says ‘The Boys′ Only Succeeded Because It was SNSD

As Yoo Young Jin has been the main composer and hitmaker in SM since H.O.T times, Kim Gura asked if Yoo Young Jin’s song are still worthy of competition.

A bit hesitant, Heechul replied, “Truthfully, sometimes when we hear the guide version, there were times when we said, ‘What are we going to do?’”

Referring to one of Yoo Young Jin’s works, Girls’ Generation’s The Boys, Heechul added, “When the song came out, I was talking with the SNSD members, and I told them, ‘This song was only successful because SNSD sang. If anyone else sang it, I don’t know what would have happened.’”

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This article was edited to reflect an error in writing I Got a Boy instead of The Boys.

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