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‘The Voice of Korea’ to Choose Finalists through Last Battle Rounds

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2012.03.30 18:05 Mwave Kim, JiYeon Translation Credit : Erika Kim

The last battle round of the king of audition programs, Mnet’s The Voice of Korea, will be unveiled on March 30. Through the day’s broadcast, the 24 finalists to appear in the live finals will be sifted out.

Before the last battle rounds, the show’s viewers are looking forward to who will again be delivering an emotional performance that will blow up the small screen.

As such, we put together a list of some of the contestants who made big issues in the preliminary blind auditions.

‘The Voice of Korea’ to Choose Finalists through Last Battle Rounds

Scored three out of four, Ha Ye Na

Ha Ye Na won the favor of the coaches and the viewers with her big vocals exploding from her small frame. In the blind audition, she immediately grabbed the spotlight when she sang Noel’s Propose, and was chosen by Shin Seung Hoon, Kangta and Gil.

After Ha Ye Na’s performance, netizens poured out praise that it was ‘the discovery of a hidden expert,’ and many showed curiosity on where she would be going next. Who will she be battling it out with in the battle round?

‘Itaewon Freedom’, Kang Tae Woo

Kang Tae Woo revealed he had received plastic surgery before the audition because he wasn’t confident about his looks, but he also made issues for his determination to become a singer and his skills.

He wanted to become a singer but his looks, which were often likened to those of a soft shell clam, hurt him greatly, and in the end he decided to undergo jaw realignment and cheekbone surgery before the audition.

Although it was one of the more difficult types of surgery to get through, he sang out Itaewon Freedom with as much bounce as possible, and was chosen by Kangta with the praise that “although he didn’t seem to be able to open his mouth too wide because he was swollen from his surgery, he sang out a brilliant performance.”

Netizens also cheered Kang Tae Woo on with praise for his passionate performance and also comforted him for the difficult times he had to go through due to his looks.

The Nation’s singer, Jang Eun Ah

Many singers who had previously made their debuts made issues in the blind audition, such as Kang Mi Jin, Lim Jin Ho and Noh Young Ho, but the one that stood out the most was Jang Eun Ah, who had sung an OST track for the film Take Off as the guest vocalist for Loveholic.

In the blind audition, she sang out Ali’s I Tried Everything with clean high notes and great strength, drawing out praise from the coaches.

Gil, who made her a member of his team, said, “Jang Eun Ah’s performance was a piece of art. I don’t think I have to say any more.”

Viewers are looking forward to seeing what performance she’ll put on for the battle round and whether she’ll be able to make it to the live broadcasts.

Strongest visuals, Lee Yoon Kyung

Contestant Lee Yoon Kyung boasts the strongest visuals in The Voice of Korea.

Lee Yoon Kyung sang out Park Jung Hyun’s In the Dream with her clear voice while looking like a fairy at the same time, a feat that especially grabbed attention from the show’s male viewers.

Coach Gil said in the blind audition, “The song you sang today was the worst, but you do have a clear voice. Diamonds are just pieces of rock until you polish them. I want to polish Lee Yoon Kyung’s voice like that,” and chose her to be in his team.

The battle rounds are drawing anticipation on how much Lee Yoon Kyung’s voice will have been polished for the last month.

The all-turn girls Sun Ji Hye and Lee Eun Ah, who made all four coaches turn around with their voices, the Cinderella Bae Geun Suk, handsome Park Tae Young, Ham Sung Hoon and In Ji Yoon will also be performing in the battle rounds.

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