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Top 10 Moments of The Heirs: Episode 8

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2013.11.02 11:00 Mwave Grace Danbi Hong

And so the love triangle officially begins on SBS′ The Heirs with Kim Tan′s confession and Choi Young Do′s changing heart. Check out all the heart fluttering moments in Episode 8′s Top Moments!

Kim Tan: Would I be a crazy man if I wanted to hug you right now?

Kim Tan: Where are you?
Who are you with?
When are you leaving?
Can you not go?
Please don’t go.
Stay with me longer.
I miss you.

Lee Hyo Shin: Did you eat ramen?
Jeon Hyun Joo: Why does it matter what I eat-
Lee Hyo Shin: You did eat ramen.

These high school boys really know how to tease the ladies.

Choi Young Do: You don’t have to say anything.
I just came because I was lonely.

Aw, puppy~

Choi Young Do: Are you two dating?
Kim Tan: We look good together?
Choi Young Do: Why would you ask such a ridiculous question?
Kim Tan: We look good together.

He is such a tease.

Cho Myung Soo: What are you thinking about?
Choi Young Do: Cha Eun Sang.
Cho Myung Soo: Nouveau Riche? Why are you thinking about her?
Choi Young Do: Right? I’m also thinking about why I’m thinking about Nouveau Riche.

When we realized Choi Young Do might be human after all

Cho Myung Soo: (puts on ZE:A′s Aftermath)
Choi Young Do: Don’t you have any other songs?
There are plenty of good songs. What are you doing?
Cho Myung Soo: What’s wrong with this song? What?

When Cho Myung Soo got angry because Choi Young Do didn′t appreciate ZE:A

Kim Tan: You don’t even let me talk to you at home.
Cha Eun Sang: Hey! That’s not the only thing you did at home.
Kim Tan: Oh, so we decided to talk about that openly?

Cha Eun Sang: He knows I’m not rich. He knows everything.
Kim Tan: It’s okay if he knows. Don’t answer the phone.
Cha Eun Sang: How can it be okay? Choi Young Do already knows everything.
Kim Tan: I said don’t answer it!
Cha Eun Sang: Hello-

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