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[Star of the Week] Shinhwa’s Top 5 OTPs

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2013.11.03 16:00 Mwave Nancy Lee

Where there are idol groups, there are OTPs, or One True Pairings, and Shinhwa is no exception.

In fact, as the oldest active K-Pop idol group, Shinhwa′s OTPs are as legendary as the group itself, and we took on the challenge of ranking our Top 5 favorotes below.

[Star of the Week] Shinhwa’s Top 5 OTPs

5. WooDong

You and your partner are already ahead of the OTP game if the combination of your names is the name of a food, and together, Min Woo and Dong Wan make WooDong (pronounced like udon, as in udon noodle).

Not only do these two share the short gene in the group, Min Woo and Dong Wan also love showing PDA - to each other.

[Star of the Week] Shinhwa’s Top 5 OTPs

4. RicDy

Age ain′t nothin′ but a number for this OTP, made up of Shinhwa′s eldest Eric and maknae Andy.

These two go way back - we′re talking back to America, where they first met as friends before putting their English skills to use as Shinhwa′s English rappers.

[Star of the Week] Shinhwa’s Top 5 OTPs

3. The CEOs (RicMin)

Say hello to the CEOs of Shinhwa Company. And their feet.

Shinhwa never takes itself too seriously, and that characteristic obviously trickles down from the top.

Who said being the boss means being scary? As the CEOs of Shinhwa Company, Eric and Min Woo are quite possibly the cutest OTP.

[Star of the Week] Shinhwa’s Top 5 OTPs

2. JinSyung

Jun Jin and Hye Sung make up one of Shinhwa′s most infamous OTPs - The Birds.

The nickname arises from an incident in which Shin Hye Sung referred to himself as the mama bird and Jun Jin the baby bird. And the rest is history. Really, this OTP is simply a fact of life, and we don′t question it.

All we know is we want to join this nest.

[Star of the Week] Shinhwa’s Top 5 OTPs

1. RicSyung

Finally, they may be the ′oil and water′ pair, but they say opposites attract and Eric and Hye Sung are magnetic.

Ricsyung is a favorite among Shinhwa fans, and we′re kind of crazy about this OTP as well. To the point where we don′t even want to imagine what life was like before the Banana Song.

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