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[Star of the Week] Best Moments of Shinhwa Broadcast Season 1

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2013.11.03 14:00 Mwave Grace Danbi Hong

jTBC’s Shinhwa Broadcast Season 2 is upon us (like...literally in a few hours) and we can’t contain our excitement for the weird and warm-heartedness that Shinhwa will bring with this new chapter.

[Star of the Week] Best Moments of Shinhwa Broadcast Season 1

As Season 2 is focused on spotlighting unsung heroes, we’ve decided to look back on the funny that Shinhwa provided a year ago in Season 1, highlighting our favorite moments that had us rolling on the floor laughing (and dying). We covered our other favorite moments here, so check that out too!

The Birth of E-Tilhda

We’ve seen Eric going drag before, but it wasn’t as fantastic as this.

He let all of his feminine charms shine on the runway as he dressed up as Mathilda from the movie Leon: The Professional.

The wig. The fishnet stocking. The dancing.
This will follow Eric until the day he dies.

Poop or Eric

Shin Hye Sung and Eric have always been known as the oil and water in the family, and that relationship has not changed as Eric told Shin Hye Sung to pick between him and….poop.

Shin Hye Sung ended up picking Eric, but let’s just say, there was a little bit of hesitation.

Honestly, we think Eric was more shocked that Shin Hye Sung picked Kim Dong Wan over him.

Kim Dong Wan Vents His Anger

When given the chance to vent out his anger, Kim Dong Wan let everything go, literally making all the Shinhwa members roll on the floor, dying of laughter.

If anyone’s got the gift of speaking, it’s Kim Dong Wan.

Mr. Kim, please make a special appearance on the second season!


Anyone in need to win a hand-fencing game, just call Andy, because the sweet maknae will get that crazy look in the eye and destroy everything in sight.

At least that’s what the Shinhwa hyungs found out when they started to play this absurd game where you try to slap each other’s faces with inked hands.

Don’t mess with Andy, or he’ll go ZomDy on you.

Special Stupid

The Shinhwa members are always fooling around and name-calling, and this little jewel was born from Eric’s mouth.

While on a mission, Shinhwa received ‘S’ as a hint. After putting their heads together, Eric came up with the name ‘Stupid,’ and began to tease Lee Min Woo, saying he’s stupid.

The nickname then got upgraded to ‘Special Stupid,’ a reason why Lee Min Woo has been promoting walnuts.

Yesung’s Imitation of Eric

One of the funniest moments of Shinhwa Broadcast was when Super Junior came over to play. We were seeing double, as both groups are known to be the variety pranksters in the K-pop realm.

Proving he could even make the Shinhwa members laugh, Yesung decided to imitate Eric’s rap in T.O.P.

Let’s just say, Yesung didn’t disappoint. At. All.

Mun Gomdori

Although he doesn’t appear on the show a lot, Gomdori - full name Mun Gom dor - might as well become a fixed cast maker of Shinhwa Broadcast because every time he makes an appearance, he becomes a hot topic amongst the fans, especially with Eric always scolding and yelling at him.

Gomdori must know showbiz, because he has all the patience in the world, accepting all of Eric’s antics and just going with the flow.

Gomdori, you’re free to come to our home if Eric kicks you out.

Photo Credit: jTBC

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