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2NE1 Successfully Debuts With Japanese Concerts

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2011.09.21 14:01 Mwave Park, HyunMin

There′s no denying that 2NE1 has conquered Korea, so it’s only natural that the charismatic girl group spread its signature swag overseas.

Though 2NE1 was initially set to debut in Japan earlier this year, the group had to postpone its concert due to the natural disasters. But the long-delayed debut turned out to be worth the wait. The girls debuted with an explosive set of concerts at the Yokohama Arena from September 19-20, which drew over 24,000 fans, who were as excited as any Korean fan to finally see their idols performing live.

4Minute’s Hyuna said she’s actually very happy about the plagiarized Chinese music video of Bubble Pop,

Hyuna recently met with enews at the CJ E&M Center in Sangam-dong, and when she was asked if she saw the plagiarized music video, Hyuna replied, “I only heard about it. But doesn’t that mean they liked my video enough to copy it? It makes me really happy.”

2NE1 Successfully Debuts With Japanese Concerts

2NE1 Successfully Debuts With Japanese Concerts

Enews flew over to Japan to witness the group’s Japanese debut, and saw the proof of all the hard work that went into making the concerts an undeniable triumph.

Special guest Park Myung Soo passes baton to T.O.P

At the group’s first ever exclusive concert, NOLZA, held from August 26-28 at Seoul’s Olympic Park Olympic Hall, Big Bang’s G-Dragon and comedian Park Myung Soo made a surprise appearance. In July, the two had teamed up for MBC’s Infinity Challenge: Highway Music Festival and swept the music charts with their song I Cheated, which also featured Bom.

For the group’s Yokohama Arena concert, labelmate T.O.P came in to replace the comedian, and, no disrespect to Park, but the crowd didn′t seem to mind. G-Dragon and T.O.P came together as GD&TOP, and performed three of their hit songs, Knock Out, Oh Yeah (feat. Bom) and High High.

As a majority of the fans in the audience also love all the other YG artists, and since Big Bang has debuted in Japan, the crazy reaction was no surprise.

What did come as a slight shock was Park Bom’s near accident, as she almost slipped while descending the stage after the performance for Oh Yeah; the singer quickly reassured the audience that she was fine, and prepared herself for the next performance.

“In the past, there was an incident when 4minute’s Musik was also plagiarized overseas.” She added, “Every time this kind of thing happens, it’s so fascinating. Like our company CEO, Hong Seung Sung, says, it’s like the world is becoming one and an Asian star is becoming a world star.”

“Now that I know that more and more people are paying attention to our music, videos, and performances, I realize that we need to put more effort and care into our activities.” Hyuna said, “I will do my best to show you better performances.”

Recently, a Chinese female singer released a music video for her song No No No, which completely coincided with Hyuna’s music video for Bubble Pop, creating controversy on the internet.

2NE1 Successfully Debuts With Japanese Concerts

2NE1 Successfully Debuts With Japanese Concerts

12,000 to 24,000

2NE1’s 1st Japan Tour- NOLZA took the group’s concerts to another level, not only in quality but also in quantity.

The total audience for all three days of 2NE1’s Korea concert hit 12,000, a staggering figure at the time, but the Yokohama Arena concerts brought in the same number per concert, making a total of 24,000 people for just two concerts.

Including the speculated numbers for future concerts in the tour, 16,000 for the Kobe World Memorial Hall and 30,000 for Makuhari Messe, the total audience count for the NOLZA Japanese tour is around 70,000, a record-breaking number for a K-Pop artist’s Japanese debut tour.

Starting with the lip in the beginning, the music video showed similarities with Bubble Pop in more than one area. The singer and dancers also arrived, wearing white tank tops and blue hot pants as Hyuna did. The only difference was that a car is introduced in Bubble Pop while a helicopter appeared in No No No.

Photo Credit: Cube Entertainment

2NE1 Successfully Debuts With Japanese Concerts

At this, major media outlets in Japan, such as Sankei Sports, Nikkan Sports and Sports Hochi, have labeled the group the ‘K-Pop singer with record breaking audience numbers’.

To live up to the expectations, on September 20, the second day of their Yokohama Arena concert, the members of 2NE1 continued rehearsing well after their planned rehearsal times, and worked hard to perfect their performances. Their dedication proved to have paid off, as the audience cheered and sang along throughout the entire concert.

2NE1 Successfully Debuts With Japanese Concerts

Reveal of Japanese version of second mini-album

Though the group hasn’t officially put out many Japanese-language songs yet, 2NE1 performed new Japanese versions of I Hate You, Lonely and I Am The Best. All the songs will be included in the group’s Japanese mini-album, set for release on September 21, the following day, which meant that the local fans were hearing the full Japanese versions of their favorite songs for the first time ever.

Other than the new Japanese songs, 2NE1 performed its hit singles Fire, Can’t Nobody and I Don’t Care, and added to the fun with the members’ solo stages and various duets. Park Bom performed You and I with her cellist sister, and Gong Minzy interpreted Taeyang’s solo song Look Only at Me with her own color.

2NE1 Successfully Debuts With Japanese Concerts

After the main performance, requests for an encore ensued from the audience, and 2NE1 mounted the stage again to sing Stay Together and Go Away. Even after the members had left, the fans remained in the hall for a long time, shouting out for the members and recounting the day’s moving performance.

2NE1’s Japan tour concert 2NE1 Japan Tour-NOLZA in Japan will continue in two more cities with four more concerts: September 24-25 at the Kobe World Memorial Hall, and October 1-2 in Makuhari Messe

Photo credit: YG Entertainment

Translation credit: Erika Kim

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