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[Interview] Kim Ok Bin Didn’t Want to be Locked Up Like a Celebrity

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2012.03.31 10:23 Mwave Oh, MiJung Translation Credit : Erika Kim

Kim Ok Bin was very outspoken. She didn’t say much, but her actions showed that she wasn’t hesitant in voicing her opinion.

When she previously revealed her relationship with Heo Jae Hoon, member of rock band Schizo, she openly kissed him on the stage of a rock festival.

During her meeting with enews to hold an interview for her film Comeback, she appeared with a bare face despite the fact that she would be posing for pictures. She said she “doesn’t like putting on makeup.”

Kim Ok Bin said that she just keeps her face bare everywhere she goes. “At first people used to tell my manager that they had seen me, but now they don’t,” she laughed.

Comeback is a comedy film about people who try to nab a body that has a chip embedded in it containing industry secrets. Kim Ok Bin took on the role of Dong Hwa, who jumps up to act even before she says anything to anyone. Lee Bum Soo will be appearing as the elite researcher Hyun Chul, while Ryu Seung Bum will be playing the role of the crazy Ahn Jin Oh.

[Interview] Kim Ok Bin Didn’t Want to be Locked Up Like a Celebrity

How do you think ‘Comeback’ turned out?

“I love it. I’m satisfied. I love comedy, and I feel great that I’m in a genre I like.”

The pink hair you don in the film is very impressive. I don’t think it would’ve been easy to take care of.

“I went to dye my hair as soon as we wrapped up the shoot, but [the hairdressers] said that because I had bleached my hair so much, my hair wasn’t in a very good condition. It wouldn’t recover, so whenever it grew out I had to snip the ends. That’s why I have this short cut hairstyle now.”

You must’ve gotten a lot of pink-hair-related nicknames.

“Pink lady, Lady Gaga, Milla Jovovich and Oktilda because it was like Matilda’s hair in Leon.”

The director for this film, Woo Sun Ho, is new to the scene. You starred in director Park Chan Wook’s film ‘Thirst’ before; how was your teamwork with director Woo?

“It was great. Usually directors observe actors a lot, but I observed the director a lot. I want to tell those working with director Woo not to be too sad that he rarely eats. The director said he rarely eats because he always dozes off after. I also want to tell them that they shouldn’t expect to have everything be put into words. He can’t say everything he wants in speech.”

Was there anything director Woo specifically asked for?

“I was really determined to be funny. I wanted to be funny and I wanted to do slapstick comedy, but he didn’t let me do it. He said my Dong Hwa role is supposed to be chic. Lee Bum Soo sunbae (senior) also had a lot of funny scenes, but it was all cut out. I think it was because Hyun Chul and Jin Oh had to contrast.”

Did any of your ad-libs make it into the film?

“I don’t remember. I don’t think so. Ryu Seung Bum sunbae had a lot.”

Do you like comedy films?

“I collect DVDs of comedy films. I love them.”

How do you think this film will do?

“It would be great if it does good, but I don’t care. I’m just happy to think that I appeared in this film.”

[Interview] Kim Ok Bin Didn’t Want to be Locked Up Like a Celebrity

You’re much younger than your partner Lee Bum Soo. You’re 17 years apart. In the film ‘Thirst’ you acted with Song Gang Ho, who is 20 years older than you, and Shin Ha Kyun, who is 13 years older.

“Surprisingly, that’s true. I didn’t feel the age gap with Lee Bum Soo sunbaenim (senior). We joked and played around on set.”

You acted with great actors such as Lee Bum Soo and Ryu Seung Bum. How was it?

“I don’t have much hands-on experience, so I learned a lot. I learned over their shoulders their concentration and reactions. I imitated them well. (Laugh)”

Perhaps it’s because you’re smart?

“That was just a joke. A 141 IQ? That doesn’t make sense. I just hoped it would be that high.”

You come out with a rock style in the film, too. Don’t you think you’re showing you like rock a little too much? Your boyfriend is the member of a rock band also.

“The director likes rock. Actually, when I decided to appear in the film, I had no ties with rock. I appeared in the rock program after finishing this film, and the fact that I have a boyfriend became known while I was shooting this film. Head CEO Lee Choon Yeon of the film company Cine 2000 recommended me for the film. I said I really wanted to be in it after reading the scenario, too.”

Dong Hwa, Kim Ok Bin’s role, acts before she thinks. Did you understand her a lot?

“She was cute. She had a personality similar to mine. It’s like she’s asking everyone to notice her. I’m cute too. It’s just that I can’t show you. I hear that people can’t approach me easily a lot, but that’s not so.”

What did your boyfriend say after watching the film?

“He wasn’t surprised because he had read the scenario and had seen me practice.”

Kim Ok Bin appears in difficult films. Is there a reason for that?

“I didn’t pick them out specifically. It just happened when I chose the ones with the appealing scenarios. I want to appear in the serious and humane films later when I’m older, in my 30s. I still like outgoing and unique things now.”

Have you ever wanted to become a hallyu star?

“No. I’ve never thought of it.”

[Interview] Kim Ok Bin Didn’t Want to be Locked Up Like a Celebrity

Your charm is that you don’t act like a celebrity.

“That’s right. I go around with no makeup on. I don’t really care when other people recognize me. I don’t like being locked up.”

You called yourself an uneven actress. Why is that?

“I want to be more stable when I act. I envied those actors who are able to lead the piece with strength, and I wondered where they got that strength from.”

You’re also famous as a star that has never had plastic surgery. What do you think about plastic surgery?

“I don’t have any negative feelings toward it. If it comes to me, I’ll do it. I don’t know why I’m not doing it.”

What film did you watch recently?

“I watched Train. Kim Min Hee unni (big sister) was great. I cried after watching the film.”

Have you made any promises related to the film’s success?

“I promised to kiss CEO Lee Choon Yeon in public if the film passes the 4 million mark. I think I’m at a disadvantage.”

What kind of actress do you want to be?

“I want to be a healthy actress, an actress that is still energetic and takes care of her own affairs even when she’s old. I also want to be loyal to my family.”

What kind of piece is ‘Comeback’ to Kim Ok Bin?

“It’s a film that let me find my own age. I enjoyed shooting it. It’s a film in which I can see myself as I see other people.”

Photo credit: Hea Jung Min

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