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[Star of the Week] Kim Heechul, the Man of Many Words

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2013.10.13 12:00 Mwave Grace Danbi Hong

Super Junior’s Kim Hee Chul is a man who is not afraid of what he says.

[Star of the Week] Kim Heechul, the Man of Many Words

He’ll say whatever is at the tip of his tongue, even if he’s dissing his own company.

While there have been many things that Kim Hee-nim has said in his long career as a Super Junior member, here are just some of the awesome that have come out of his mouth.

[Star of the Week] Kim Heechul, the Man of Many Words

This fan, that fan. “They’re all my fans!” – it would be good to defend them like that, but I’m not a plastic wrap that can wrap everyone. I also think that fans who curse someone else to make me more popular is not my fan. Let’s keep what needs to be kept and just enjoy it.

Heechul posted up a long tweet back in August of 2010, addressing his fans to behave. He laid out the reality of the situation and declared that he’s willing to ‘disown’ some fans who were misbehaving.

The heart to protect someone – thank you. But saying crap about someone else – FXXK you. Ah~ I’ve recently been obsessed with rap that I’m now rhyming. Keke. If it’s good for my fans, it’s good for your fans. If it hurts when someone talks crap about your celebrity, then know that it hurts to talk crap about someone else’s celebrity.

The tweet continues to scold fans on their behaviors, but the next portion definitely seemed to address to not just Heechul’s fans, but fans in general. Through his words, Heechul reminded fans of all stars to keep decorum and respect for each other.

Your lips are silent, but your hands are fast. Outside, it’s a ballad, but in your room, it’s death metal. You hold a knife in your hand, while shaking your head at what other people write. The difference of “My oppa” and “That XX.” The power to make a devil and then an angel.”

The tweet finally ended with this portion, which could be addressed to both the fans and the general public as well. With internet anonymity still in place and hurtful commenting flying everywhere, Heechul reminded people to be courteous when writing something online. He should just be a poet, that Kim Heechul.

[Star of the Week] Kim Heechul, the Man of Many Words

The Super Junior members also talk about that. We don’t talk about lasting as long as we can or forever. Because you don’t know what will happen. We say let’s think about that when the time comes. I am a person who dreams about tonight, and not a person who dreams about the future.

In July of 2011, comedian Noh Hong Chul opened up his radio show talking about Heechul. Noh Hong Chul asked Heechul if he worries about what he’ll do after his idol days are over.

The above was his answer, which left Noh Hong Chul absolutely speechless and moved.

Rather than living 100 percent as a celebrity, I want to do what I want and be a 50 percent celebrity. Oh! Is that a good saying?

In an interview with a magazine, Heechul said this quote while talking about going clubbing and meeting girls. Having dedicated much of his youth to his career and fans, Heechul seemed to want to live life the way he wanted.

”Put your hands up – unless you’re driving!

Since everything else has been pretty serious, here′s a fun one to end this article.

While serving his time as a radio DJ, these words escaped his mouth. Being the nice person that he is, Heechul made sure to keep drivers in mind.

He recently reenacted the quote on his Instagram.

Photo Credit: Cosmopolitan, Heechul′s Twitter

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