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Top 10 Moments from The Heirs: Episode 2

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2013.10.12 11:00 Mwave Grace Danbi Hong

Episode 2 of the The Heirs was fill with more beautiful moments (as expected). We′ve got the top 10 moments from the second episode right here - click through to relive Episode 2!

Cha Eun Sang: Thanks.
Kim Tan:: You don’t have to thank me. It’s good for your kidney.

Awwww. He made her a sandwich. It’s love.

When Kim Tan freaked out and ran away as Cha Eun Sang began changing

The moment Kim Tan fell in love with Cha Eun Sang. You know it. We know it.

Kim Tan: They can’t chase us.
Friend of Stella’s Deadbeat Boyfriend: I’m going to kill you!”
Kim Tan:Say that after you catch us. I understand your determination, but it’ll be faster if I grew old and died.”

Choi Young Do: Sunbae, your threatening voice is so cool.
Lee Hyo Shin: It’s better when I curse. Do you want to hear it?
Choi Young Do: I’ll have to decline.

Fighting - the Top 1% Way.

Kim Tan is already getting jealous

Choi Young Do: Just break up with him and date Myung Soo.
Lee Bona: Are you crazy? Are you insane? Am I on drugs?
Cho Myung Soo: Why are you refusing me three times? Hey! I don’t hate you.

Cho Myung Soo, officially our favorite character.

Lee Bona: Why are you putting me in the middle of your relationship. You guys match. Why don’t you two just date?
Cho Myung Soo: Why would you say something like that? But I don’t hate you either.
Choi Young Do: I’ll kill you.
Cho Myung Soo Were you a prejudiced person who puts an emphasis on gender when it comes to love? Let’s break up!

We’re weak in the knees watching him staring at her like that.

”Then he met a girl one day. Her name was Cha Eun Sang. But then he became curious about Cha Eun Sang. Do I…. like you?”

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