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Top 10 Moments from The Heirs: Episode 1

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2013.10.12 10:00 Mwave Grace Danbi Hong

Every week we′ll be doing a roundup of the top 10 moments from The Heirs. With so much eye candy, how could we not? Click through to relive the beauty of Episode 1!

"Hello. I′m a high schooler and currently doing a part-time job, and these men are trying to-"

No BSing with Cha Eun Sang. She calls the police straightforward when some shop ajusshis try to hit on her.

”It′s going to rain by the time you get off work."
"Our Bona is always the main character of a movie."

Yoon Chan Young is the BEST best friend and best boyfriend ever.

”My little sister is so my type.”

Choi Young Do knows exactly how to make an awkward meal even more awkward.

”I always look this good.”

Kim Tan does…but we couldn’t stop laughing at him and his surfer dude friend.

"Mom...I′m sorry."

"I wasn′t mocking you. It was a sense of sympathy...that I′m not the only one here who isn′t welcomed."

Cha Eun Sang and Yoo Ra Hel meet.

”Is it because they eat something different?”

....The intense staring

”It’s okay, baby.”

How can we leave this out?

"Want to go to my house?"

Again...the staring...the STARING....

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