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[Interview] Jung Gyu Woon Shares He Still Holds Much Aspiration as an Actor

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2012.03.26 16:40 Mwave Kim, JiYeon Translation Credit : Stewart Ho

Is there an actor that has tirelessly gone without rest as Jung Gyu Woon? This sort of question comes about naturally for the actor who debuted in 2004 through Five Stars.

Following Five Stars, Jung went on to star in Hello My Teacher (2005), Dr. Kkang (2006), Happy Woman (2007), The Sun’s Woman (2008), Again, My Love (2009), Dr. Champ (2010), Sign (2011) and most recently History of Salaryman, to become a familiar face on the small screen.

[Interview] Jung Gyu Woon Shares He Still Holds Much Aspiration as an Actor

Perhaps its because of this long run but when we met with him on March 13, following the conclusion of History of Salaryman he looked exhausted. It seemed much of his energy was depleted after it had been poured into his character Choi Hang Woo, for the drama.

“It seems I haven’t fully escaped from Choi Hang Woo yet. I don’t know if it’s because I fell so deeply into his cold and charismatic vibe but I think I’m going to need a period of rest after this.”

Though those were his words, he received much praise for his role in the drama. His long list of experience and steady acting helped him to carry the drama better than other actors his age could do. However, Jung revealed that he thinks the current period is the most important yet.

“Though I did receive a lot of praise on my acting, I wanted to try some different things now. I did do dramas nonstop until now. Whether its now movies or something else, I want to give something in another direction a try now. I think my ambitions are growing even bigger now.”

In his beginning days as an actor the actor was satisfied by simply being in a production but now, as time has passed, the actor is aiming for higher goals.

“Though I’ve built up the recognition of myself to the public, I want to now show myself as an actor now. I guess it’s a way of saying I still possess an unquenchable thirst as an actor? For this reason I’m going to keep attempting without stopping.”

Photo credit: Hea Jung Min

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