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Huh Gak Says His Wife is More Beautiful than miss A’s Suzy

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2013.10.04 11:16 Mwave Lee, JinHo Translation Credit : Grace Danbi Hong

Finally tying the knot with his first love, Huh Gak endlessly expressed his affection for his now wife.

On October 3, Huh H=Gak held a press conference at the Raum wedding Hall in Yeoksam ahead of his wedding to talk about his bride.

“She is more beautiful than miss A’s Suzy or Kang Min Kyung combined. She’s a total angel,” said Huh Gak. “My wife is absolutely beautiful. She’s also very wise. I had the thought that I lived with her, even if my singing career gets tough, she would be able to feed and support me.”

Huh Gak Says His Wife is More Beautiful than miss A’s Suzy

Huh Gak tied the knot with his bride, whom he dated for two years. The wedding ceremony was officiated by Reverend Jang Samuel, the pastor of their church, while the celebratory songs were sung by John Park and Huh Gak’s twin brother, Huh Gong.

When asked how he made the proposal, Huh Gak replied, “I don’t have experience in putting on events, so I had to search around for it.

“A couple of days ago, I put the proposal statement on a neon sign and put it on the floor of my wife’s home for her to see. But she already knew about it…and it was a little awkward, but I think overall, it was good.”

On his reason for hurrying the wedding, Huh Gak answered, “I had album and concert preparations to tend to, so I was getting worried. But when the news of us dating came out, I decided it was best to just hurry with the wedding.”

“My album promotions will continue even after getting married. I actually have a concert soon after the wedding, so we have to postpone our honeymoon. I’m sorry to my bride,” said Huh Gak.

“It’s my first time getting married, so I’m nervous. I’m finally standing here to become the man of one woman. Thank you for being here. We’ll live well. I’m so thankful.”

Meanwhile, Huh Gak debuted through 2010’s Superstar K2 and continued his singing career from there.

Photo Credit: Kim Byung Man

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