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Is Song Ji Hyo Losing On Purpose in ′Running Man′?

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2012.03.26 13:21 Mwave Ko Hong Ju Translation Credit : Ju Ahn Lee

Actress Song Ji Hyo is widely recognized as the official ace of SBS’ Running Man due to her exceptional ability to accomplish mission objectives and track down spies using her quick wit and improvisation skills. In fact, most viewers will automatically nod their heads in agreement when hearing her ‘ace’ title.

Yet, why can’t she showcase her true strength whenever a guest actress makes an appearance on Running Man?

True to her ‘ace’ nickname, Song is usually one of the last members to be eliminated on Running Man. Although this fact doesn’t change when an actress makes an appearance on the show, Song has started to reveal a glaring pattern of helplessness when put up against fellow female guest stars, even if she managesd to stay alive until the end.

Is Song Ji Hyo Losing On Purpose in ′Running Man′?

The March 26 broadcast of Running Man featured Han Ga In’s mission to find her first love, who turned out to be none other than Haha.

As expected, Song managed to stay alive until the end but couldn’t overcome the might of Han and had to settle for the same result she experienced in the past couple episodes. Truth be told, it definitely wasn’t easy for her that day as she was overpowered by both Haha and Han and witnessed Han’s rather surprising strength.

However, she certainly showed a different side in the earlier episodes when she failed even in situations where she could have taken steps to defend herself, losing her nametag and ultimately losing out to the female guest star.

For example, on the March 18 broadcast, Song allied herself with guest star Ha Ji Won and allowed Ha to betray her, swiftly handing the victory to Ha. It was the same story during a February broadcast, where Song had her nametag ripped at the last second and suffered yet another loss at the hands of guest star Lee Da Hae.

In truth, when we look at it from Song’s perspective, it’s not easy for her to go all out in order to win, especially when considering the broadcasting expectations of treating the guests on the show with respect. In fact, most of the female guests on Running Man have experienced the joy of victory. Furthermore, Song can’t be too careful when it comes to the tangled senior-junior relationship with actresses she has direct ties to.

On the other hand, viewers are expecting great things from the show’s ace, Song Ji Hyo. This is the essence of her dilemma. We can only imagine Song’s growing sense of frustration at having to pretend to be careless while possessing her reasoning power, quick thinking and initiative.

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