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Shinhwa Returns with Its 14 Years’ Worth of Energy

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2012.03.26 10:25 Mwave Oh, MiJung Translation Credit : Erika Kim

Shinhwa marked the end of its four year hiatus with an explosive concert that contained everything the group had picked up during its 14 year career.

Shinhwa finally met with its fans through its 14th anniversary and comeback concert 2012 Shinhwa Grand Tour in Seoul The Return held from March 24-25.

The six members of Shinhwa, Eric, Lee Min Woo, Kim Dong Wan, Jun Jin, Shin Hye Sung and Andy, had been on hiatus since the group’s 10th anniversary concert held in 2008 in order to serve their military duties, but this year it managed to come back on its debut anniversary, March 24, while at the same time proving it still boasted the same strength.

Shinhwa Returns with Its 14 Years’ Worth of Energy

The two concerts gathered 10,000 people each for a total of 20,000. The tickets had sold out in just 40 minutes since they opened for sale.

As if to repay its fans for their support, Shinhwa put on a concert that proved it hadn’t endured 14 years in the industry for nothing.

The concert opened with the group’s hit T.O.P., and continued with a breathtaking string of hits including Hey, Come On!, Just One More Time, Wild Eyes, Perfect Man, Eusha! Eusha!, Resolver, Run, I Pray 4 U, Once in a Lifetime and Brand New.

Shinhwa didn’t stop for anything, singing out its long list of hits from its 14 years’ worth of music along with passionate performances. The stage settings that continued to change with the song’s mood from white to red to other colors added to the excitement.

The concert hit a high point with the performance of the group’s new single Venus, from its 10th album, which had been released on March 23.

Just before the performance, the members asked for their audience’s understanding about the lack of special effects, saying, “We could’ve put on a better performance but we can’t use any special effects because of the Seoul Nuclear Security Summit,” but the group managed to pull it off by filling the stage with its performance alone, drawing out big cheers from the audience.

Through the videos scattered in between the performances, the members expressed their thanks toward their fans and the difficult process through which they came together again. Onstage, they continued to make their fans cry and laugh with them with their characteristic oddball humor.

After their performance of Wild Eyes, the members joked, “When we sang this song back then, we sweat so much under our pants, which were made out of artificial leather and which we were forced to wear despite the fact that it was summer. Shin Hye Sung got heat rashes.”

The concert was due to finish in two and a half hours, but the fans kept screaming for more, and the group continued with an encore performance that lasted 30 minutes.

Shin Hye Sung, however, was rushed to the hospital during the performance with a dislocated knee after he was shot up too high from a jumping machine.

The members had showed tears after the March 24 concert, and on the next day also they stayed with their fans until the end as if they couldn’t bring themselves to leave.

In a press conference held just before the concert that day, the members had said to their fans, “This is all happening thanks to our fans. We’re so touched.”

Shinhwa started up its new set of promotions with its 10th studio album, released on March 23. The album drew in prominent musicians such as Yoon Il Sang, Kim Do Hyun and Jung Jae Yoon. The group will also be continuing through Asia until July with concerts in Shanghai, Guangzhou and Beijing, China, and cities in Japan including Tokyo and Kobe. A concert in Taiwan will also be taking place.

Photo credit: Kim Byung Kwan

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