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Seo Taiji’s Surprising Acquaintances and Connections

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2012.03.23 18:17 Mwave Park, HyunMin

Seo Taiji, who debuted in 1992 with the group Seo Taiji and Boys, celebrated his 20th anniversary on March 23. He enjoyed the most popularity to date in K-Pop history with the four albums he released with Seo Taiji and Boys, then sent shockwaves through the nation when he suddenly announced his retirement. To his fans′ relief, however, Seo has since come out of retirement, returning as a solo singer, releasing albums and holding concerts to this day.

Known for maintaining an extremely private life, his sudden divorce suit with actress E Jiah was enough to shake the nation once again. His preference to hide his private life, however, will never stop us from showing curiosity in his relations with other celebrities. What surprising celebrity relationships has he revealed to us before?

Seo Taiji’s Surprising Acquaintances and Connections

Rock musicians: Kim Jong Seo, Nell, Pia, Shin Hae Chul

Seo Taiji was active as the fourth bassist of the rock band Sinawi in 1990, just before he became a member of Seo Taiji and Boys. Because of this, he established ties with Sinawi’s second and fourth vocalist, Kim Jong Seo. Kim Jong Seo is still mentioned as one of Seo Taiji’s representative acquaintances in showbiz.

Shin Hae Chul, vocalist of the rock band Next, was also on friendly terms with Seo Taiji, but Seo later revealed, “I learned that Shin Hae Chul is a relative on my mother’s side,” showing that the two are actual blood relatives.

Indie bands Nell and Pia were both signed under Seo′s label The Great Monster Encyclopedia.

Music video/concert connections: Shin Se Kyung, Lee Eun Sung and E Jiah

Actress Shin Se Kyung made her debut at nine years old in 1998 when she was featured on the poster for Seo’s first solo album Take Five. Shin, who turned heads as the young girl with the mysterious look in her eyes, has since made a name for herself and is enjoying popularity as an actress in the entertainment industry.

Lee Eun Sung appeared in Seo’s music video for Bermuda. The actress had worked with singer Kim Jong Seo previously on drama I Am Happy.

Meanwhile, E Jiah met Seo for the first time at a Seo Taiji and Boys concert in the States and later went on to marry him in secret. Their secret marriage became known to the public when the two became embroiled in a messy legal battle following their divorce.

Seo Taiji’s Surprising Acquaintances and Connections

Fan and star relations: Gu Hye Sun, Ryu Hyun Jung and Shim Eun Kyung

There are also instances of zealous Seo Taiji fans making their debut in the entertainment industry. This is only natural if you consider what an influential figure Seo was in Korea’s mainstream culture at the time of his debut in1992.

Actress Gu Hye Sun once said in an interview, “I wanted to follow Seo Taiji to Buk Technical High School,” confirming she was a fan. And Gu even suffered through rumors with Seo when his divorce from E Jiah became known to the public.

Ryu Hyun Jung was also a devoted fan of Seo Taiji, recently revealing on TV, “I became an actress because of Seo Taiji.” She even dated Monkey, a member of Seo’s band, after falling head over heels for him at a Seo Taiji concert. The two have since parted ways.

Shim Eun Kyung, who calls Seo Taiji ‘The General,’ is another famous face and zealous fan of the singer. She is also the one who has the closest connection to the singer, having shot a commercial for a telecommunications company with Seo around the time he had come back as a solo artist. In the commercial, Shim turns to Seo, who is sitting next to her on a train station platform and says, “Ahjussi, who are you?” She also has a curious connection with Seo’s ex-wife E Jiah, having played the younger version of E Jiah’s character in drama The Legend.

Seo’s love for comedy: Yoo Se Yoon, Hwang Hyun Hee

Seo Taiji is known for his obsession with comedy programs. He invited Yoo Se Yoon and Lee Jong Hoon of past Gag Concert sketch Doctor Fish to appear as special guests at the 2008 ETP Festival. Yoo even made an appearance on MBC’s Seo Taiji Comeback Special – Buk Technical High School Year 1, Class 1, affirming his connection to the singer.

Upon meeting Hwang Hyun Hee during a radio broadcast, Seo told the comedian he was a fan and displayed his comedic chops on the show.

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