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Ha Ji Won Speaks Fluent North Korean for ‘The King 2Hearts’

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2012.03.23 11:28 Mwave Lee, InKyung Translation Credit : Erika Kim

Ha Ji Won′s North Korean accent is just too good in MBC’s The King 2Hearts. Some fans are even asking for subtitles because although they get a vague idea about what she’s saying, it’s hard to understand exactly.

Most viewers are saying that it’s ‘new and fun’ and that it ‘may branch out to become buzzwords’. At the bombardment of requests, the producers put together a dictionary of some of the more difficult North Korean words out of Ha Ji Won’s dialogue.

Ha Ji Won Speaks Fluent North Korean for ‘The King 2Hearts’

The most interesting jargon popped up when Kim Hang Ah (Ha Ji Won) described her ideal type in the second episode.

While she was talking with the South Korean prince Lee Jae Ha (Lee Seung Gi), she said about her ideal type with a happy expression on her face, “He needs to have a straight heart and needs to be as reliable as a father.” ‘Straight heart’ means that person has some strong backbone with strong opinions.

The ‘dwaegeo’ often used when Hang Ah’s colleagues say, “Dwaegeo, comrade Kim Hang Ah is so lovely,” is an exclamation similar to ‘Wow’ or ‘Ooh’.

Netizens figured this out quickly and have already begun using the word in their own comments, saying, ‘Dwaegeo is interesting’ and ‘This drama, dwaegeo, is so much fun!’

Her acting is more noticeable as it is completely different from Han Ye Seul’s when she played a North Korean officer some time ago. Last year, Han Ye Seul starred in KBS2’s Spy Myeongwol as a North Korean officer, but she wasn’t able to master the North Korean dialect and thus had to act out all her lines in normal Korean. Ha Ji Won, on the other hand, is adding to the reality of the drama with her fluent North Korean dialect, and is being recognized for her skills in acting yet again.

Ha Ji Won Speaks Fluent North Korean for ‘The King 2Hearts’

The second episode features many small bits of North Korean, such as ‘old scrap iron’ to mean old maids who are over 30 years old, and ‘skin water’, which refers to skincare products.

Ha Ji Won Speaks Fluent North Korean for ‘The King 2Hearts’

As for the first episode aired on March 21, ‘Ggwangpo’ means ‘lies’, ‘Seriseri’ is ‘puzzling’ and ‘job life card’ is ‘resume’.

An official from the drama said, “Even the producers were surprised at how fluently Ha Ji Won spoke North Korean as a North Korean instructor. Many are saying it’s fun because North Korean is more straightforward than South Korean. Like she did as Gil Ra Im in Secret Garden, Ha Ji Won may again come up with a lot of Kim Hang Ah buzzwords."

Ha Ji Won Speaks Fluent North Korean for ‘The King 2Hearts’

The March 22 broadcast of The King 2Hearts stayed at the top of the game with its 16.5 percent viewership ratings (AGB Nielsen Media Research).

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