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[Chuseok Special] The Choi Family - Siwon, Sooyoung, Minho, and More

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2013.09.20 18:00 Mwave Grace Danbi Hong

Chuseok is all about family, spending time with those here with us now and paying respect to those who have passed. So, in celebration of the holiday, we’re playing house - idol style.

We put together a few star families for funzies, based on the celebs’ shared surnames as well as a characteristic they all share in common, so flip through to see what’s so special about the Chois.

Knowing the true meaning of Chuseok, the Choi family puts their focus on the importance of family and taking care of each other even if they get on each other′s nerves. Click the arrow to see what we mean.

Bada (Choi Sung Hee)’s enthusiasm and bright personality is the source of the Choi family’s energy.

Despite any unfortunate events that may occur in the family, Choi Sung Hee keeps her head on high to lead her siblings on as the oldest sister.

Choi Si Won’s love for his family is just as evident as his love for Jesus, as he has no shame in publicly talking about his family members, whether it’s visiting his elderly grandmother whenever he has time or playing catch ball with his dad on one Sunday afternoon.

The middle child is usually forgotten, but when it’s T.O.P (Choi Seung Hyun), just his handsome face alone attracts attention. With a visual like his, you’d think he’d be partying out all night and day, but in reality, he can’t last a day without having a meal made by his mother in his stomach.

Not only is she big in height (170 cm), but Choi Soo Young also have a large heart of gold, always showing support for her siblings, whether it’s singing or dancing, and no matter how terrible it sounds or looks.

As a growing teen, Choi Min Ho could have grown up as a rebellious and angry child when his parents didn’t like what he wanted. But instead, Choi Min Ho still showed his respect and worked hard to gain his parents’ approval instead of running away from home crying.

Although Choi Sulli is the youngest, don’t be tricked into thinking she’s completely spoiled. Having received all the love from her older siblings, Sulli also learned how to share that love, completely showering the neighborhood kids with hugs and kisses.

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