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Kwang Hee & Ye Won Come Together for ‘Boss’ OST: ‘I See Only You’

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2011.08.19 10:41 Mwave Choe, MinJi

On the August 18th broadcast of SBS′s ′Protect the Boss′, viewers were able to hear the latest addition to the drama′s popular OSt.

The voices behind the duet, ′I See Only You′ were revealed to belong to Kwang Hee (ZE:A) and Ye Won (Jewelry).

The two are familiar with one another, as they′re co-DJs for SBS Radio Power FM ′Kwang Hee & Ye Won′s Young Street,′ and are the latest in a hot lineup (including JYJ′s Kim Jae Joong and Lyn) to sing for the drama.

Kwang Hee & Ye Won Come Together for ‘Boss’ OST: ‘I See Only You’

An official from SBS Contents Hub stated that the they chose to use the song in the drama before its official release on online music sites "because the producers believed the sweet harmony went well with the drama."

Currently, the OST songs from ′Protect the Boss′ are topping the charts of online music sites, and Kwang Hee and Ye Won′s ′I See Only You′ will be released on the afternoon of the 19th.

Photo credit: SBS

Kwang Hee & Ye Won Come Together for ‘Boss’ OST: ‘I See Only You’

As soon as we gave him a picture of a brain for him to fill out (with his own self-perceived brain structure), the first thing he did was start drawing in thick lips. Expressing his desire to draw something true to life, he added his trademark collarbones (which he’s proud of) and six-pack abs (which he hopes to be proud of).

Broken, a smash hit

As for his brain, it′s full of thoughts of his latest single album, Broken. In order to showcase better music along with a new image, he doubled his vocal practice time and started working out in order to lose weight. The drawing reflects his catchphrase, which expresses his strong will, “If you work hard unconditionally, you will succeed.” Since his new album was released, he’s been busy with a tight schedule. His dream at the moment? Taking a holiday somewhere after wrapping up promotional activities for his album.

A lonely guy, Seo In Guk?

He’s so busy that he wishes there were more than 24 hours in a day. But he says he still feels lonely. He became a professional singer after being crowned the winner of Superstar K1 in a 720,000 to 1 competition. It’s been three years since he began his dash to become a better musician. He struggled, even cutting family time to be reborn as a great singer. But he says these days, he’s starting to miss his family and close friends.

Girl group Love

Girl groups reigned supreme in the first half of this year. Waiting rooms for TV shows were all packed with girls group members, from rookies to first-generation girl groups who had come back with a new album. For Seo In Guk, watching all those pretty girls in the waiting room with him must have been a dream. With a big smile on his face, he says his favorite girl group member is Min Ah of Girl’s Day (he says her eyes are adorable when she smiles).

Kwang Hee & Ye Won Come Together for ‘Boss’ OST: ‘I See Only You’

Ranting and Swearing?

He likes hip-hop music. Of those, he is especially fond of hardcore hip-hop that involves a lot of ranting and swearing. Whenever he listens to hip-hop along with his friends, he shouts along with the lyrics, that is, he’ll rant and swear along.

Chicken Baby?

Seo In Guk’s favorite food is chicken. He’s a big fan of chicken, saying that it’s good for weight loss and muscle building. In order to look good for his album, he says he worked out every day on a chicken breast diet. When he got sick of boiled chicken breasts, he would even drink chicken juice. Although he’s still working on his body-building project, he sometimes breaks away from his routine and opts for fried chicken.

Sunbaes! Please buy me drinks!

His alcohol tolerance varies depending on his physical condition. Sometimes he’ll get drunk with just one glass, and sometimes he’ll remain sober even after four bottles of soju. These days, he said, he often goes out for drinks with friends at a Apgujeong bar that is run by an acquaintance.

The Rest

Finding a girlfriend, working out, money, movie-going, games.

Photo Credit: Jellyfish Entertainment

Translation Credit: Misun Lee

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