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[Preview] If You Want to Laugh, Watch ‘Comeback′

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2012.03.22 08:11 Mwave Oh, MiJung Translation Credit : Erika Kim

Even the title catches your eye. The funny thing is, it doesn’t just stand for the figure of expression; the film actually is about a dead body. Comeback (Over My Dead Body) is an entertaining film that features comical situations and comical acting that had to have the actors throw everything into it.

Comeback is about how a group of people try to grab one dead body for different purposes. Baek Hyun Chul (Lee Bum Soo), the logical elite researcher, learns that President Han and his gang is scheming to steal the technology used in making artificial skin after buying out the entire research facility.

With a senior he worked with in his research facility, he tries to stop the technology from leaking out, but soon after, witnesses a mysterious car crash involving his senior. Hyun Chul assumes that the person who tried to remove his senior was someone close to President Han, and tries get revenge on President Han with the help of the senior’s daughter, Dong Hwa (Kim Ok Bin).

But when President Han dies from a sudden heart attack, the duo comes up with a new plan to steal President Han’s body for ransom. Their plan goes for an unexpected turn when Ahn Jin Oh (Ryu Seung Bum) gets involved.

[Preview] If You Want to Laugh, Watch ‘Comeback′

The story is somewhat exaggerated, but the way it’s told is tight-knit and enjoyable, and it manages to touch on every little laughable point. Such power in the film mostly comes from the director’s talent in directing.

Comeback is director Woo Sun Ho’s first feature film, and yet, he shows off skills bigger than his rookie status. Woo Sun Ho previously won the Comedy Brilliance Award with his short film My Really Big Mike in 2005 at the Mise-en-scene′s Short Film Festival. After being recognized in the comedy genre, the director again chose comedy for his full length film.

The biggest appeal in Comeback is the characters. Ryu Seung Bum’s Jin Oh character is at the center of the comedy. Jin Oh is like a big off-the-wall rugby ball; he only thinks of what he’s feeling at the moment before he acts, and never thinks about the future. He’s a crazie that even gets himself in a morgue to earn some insurance money by pretending he’s dead. Ryu Seung Bum shows off his particularly sleazy brand of acting for Jin Oh.

[Preview] If You Want to Laugh, Watch ‘Comeback′

Lee Bum Soo went for the comical in his role Yoo Bang for History of Salaryman, but this time, he has less on his shoulders. Lee Bum Soo provides the pivoting point for the story as the serious and smart elite researcher.

Kim Ok Bin’s character is also pretty attractive. The pink hair she tried out last year appears in the film. Dong Hwa is an underground musician who acts before she thinks, and is the catalyst for all the incidents that happen in the film.

The supporting roles add energy to the film. Jeong Man Sik, Shin Jung Geun, Go Chang Seok, Oh Jung Se and Yoo Da In successfully tell their own stories in their roles. Although the three leads Lee Bum Soo, Kim Ok Bin and Ryu Seung Bum are at the center of the story, these supporting roles are given some weight and make the film more enjoyable.

The music also needs to be accounted for. The music seems to be different from other normal film background music, with bouncy punk sounds and country music. It makes sense when you learn that Delispice’s Yun Jun Ho was brought in to be the music director for the film. Other prominent musicians that are active in both underground and major music, such as Ko Kyung Chun, helped out with the music.

If you just want to laugh mindlessly through a film, Comeback is the film for you. It will premiere on March 29.

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