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[Star of the Week] Big Bang’s Seungri, the Variety Expert

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2013.09.01 16:00 Mwave Grace Danbi Hong

Self-proclaimed and seconded by 2NE1’s Sandara Park, Seungri is the variety show expert.

[Star of the Week] Big Bang’s Seungri, the Variety Expert

It’s true that this Big Bang member is quite witty and fast on his feet when it comes to talking. He can recover from all lame or cheesy jokes without faltering.

Overall, the dude is just hilarious.

Now we can’t cover all of Seungri’s hilarious moments, so we just chose some of our favorites.
The fourth one is the best, so feel free to hit the replay button many times.

Imitating Errbody for Fun

We all have those days when we’re high on sugar and just feel like bouncing off the walls.

It turns out that Seungri has many of those days as shown in this video compilation that has Seungri imitating Se7en, Taeyang, G-Dragon, T.O.P, and even IU.

Yes, there was a camera around, but we’re pretty sure this is Seungri on a regular basis. We’re just sorry we can’t witness those moments personally.

Seungri Does G-Dragon Imitation

Here’s another one of Seungri’s imitation of G-Dragon.

We know, we know. We already posted one above, but this one was too good to pass up.

Just press play. You’ll understand what we mean.

The T.O.P T.O.P T.O.P Incident, and the Explanation Afterwards

If you follow Korean variety programs, you’ll know the now famous T.O.P T.O.P T.O.P incident.

T.O.P appeared on SBS’ Night After Night to share a story when he overheard Seungri talking about T.O.P without honorifics.

Seungri later tried to explain that he was talking to his friend on the phone, and this said friend has really bad hearing and required repeating things many, many times. Seungri got fed up and screamed “T.O.P, T.O.P, T.O.P!” of course, when T.O.P just so happened to come into the room.

To prove his point, Seungri actually called this friend….only to have the friend hearing everything crystal clear and leaving Seungri speechless.

Seungri Falls, Papa YG Laughs

Now, this wasn’t from a variety program, but we just couldn’t leave it out.

During one YG Family Concert, Seungri parodied Se7en from head to toe – the hair, the outfit, and most important of them all, the Heelys.

But being in someone else’s costume isn’t easy, and as almost expected, Seungri slips and falls right on his butt, much to Papa YG’s enjoyment.

We can’t tell what’s funnier – Seungri falling and getting up in embarrassment…or Papa YG laughing in delight.

Rapping on the Spot

The reason why Seungri shines in the variety world is because of his confidence.

No matter how embarrassing something is (ahemfallinginfrontofthousandsofansahem), Seungri doesn’t really bat an eye and goes for it.

And it really showed in Strong Heart’s YG special, where Epik High’s Tablo brought lyrics that his wife wrote up. The MCs asked G-Dragon to rap it on the spot, and he does impressively.

Then they asked Seungri… the group’s singer.

Does Seungri shy away? Nope. He just dives in without fear.

People laughed, but still applauded him at the end. We want to clap our hands for him too. Takes a lot of guts to go right after G-Dragon.

We hope he never loses that confidence, or else, the world would become a dull place.

Photo Credit: G-Dragon′s Twitter

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