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[Star of the Week] [Interview] Big Bang′s Seungri Says He′s All Grown Up

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2013.09.01 12:00 Mwave Lee, JinHo Translation Credit : Erika Kim

The boy who seemed would be Big Bang′s maknae for all time is back as a man. Seungri returned as a solo singer for the first time in two years and seven months with his solo album Let′s Talk About Love.

Seungri is 23 years old in Korean age this year. He′s still young, but he knows how to write his own songs and even produce. The track GG Be is especially about the complicated emotions he felt after a breakup.

[Star of the Week] [Interview] Big Bang′s Seungri Says He′s All Grown Up

Seungri up close

Seungri′s expressions betrayed the anticipation and concerns he felt toward his solo comeback.

"So many thoughts race through my head," he said about the many different reactions to his first performance.

He said he was also worried that what he wanted to convey to his audience didn′t get through.

His cute antics and witty words seemed to come from the Seungri we all know, but when he started to think about his music, he became a completely different person.

Perhaps his experience and musical concerns had been shadowed all this time by his title of maknae and his young age.

The mature singer, not Big Bang′s youngest member or idol singer, had finally found his moment to shine through.

[Star of the Week] [Interview] Big Bang′s Seungri Says He′s All Grown Up

It′s your first comeback in a while. How does it feel?

"I′m still trying to adapt to promotions in Korea (Laugh). Still, it′s great to be promoting in my home country."

You looked like you were having a hard time after your first performance.

"I can′t help but look around for reactions after my first performance. The first week is hard because its performances decide whether I′ll be accepted by the public or not. I wanted my staff to feel proud of their hard work."

You′ve released a solo album before, but the idea still feels awkward around you.

"It feels the same way for me too (Laugh). I had returned to Korea after finishing my promotions in Japan, and Mr. Yang Hyun Suk asked me how it would be to release a solo album. I was touched at how he showed anticipation toward my music."

A line you wrote saying you lost your courage in music made a lot of issues.

"I honestly wanted to do something that only Seungri could do out of the Big Bang members. Since I′m on the cheerful side and like to talk, I′m more specialized in TV appearances. I think because of that image I lost confidence in my music."

Still, you made it out with a solo album. Wasn′t three months too short a time to write songs and produce?

"I actually asked for a lot of advice from G-Dragon hyung (big brother). I even nagged him, asking for help (Laugh). Everyone around me, though, told me that since it′s my first album in two years and seven months I should say what I have to say. That really woke me up. I worked on it from track one, and I think I ended up putting in everything I wanted to say."

I heard most of the songs, including ′Gotta Talk To You′, is based on real happenings.

"I wrote Gotta Talk To You thinking of what it′s like when I try to hit on a girl. I made it that way because I′m not too outgoing but not too shy either in relationships (Laugh)."

[Star of the Week] [Interview] Big Bang′s Seungri Says He′s All Grown Up

So have you been in a lot of relationships?

"I have (Laugh). Actually, celebrities can only come up with the expressions they need after they have felt love. Our members always talk about how we should keep our relationships secret until we die, how these stories should never get out into the open, but it′s getting harder to hide as time passes (Laugh)."

Your first teaser was shockingly explicit. Did you mean it to be that way as a producer?

"I did. I needed to make issues because it would be my first solo comeback in two years and seven months (Laugh). I had a hard time preparing the album, and it would be for nothing if the public doesn′t listen to it. I tried to think up ways to grab attention, and came up with that."

G-Dragon will be releasing an album soon too. Do you feel competitive against him?

"We′re not going to compete. Though we′re promoting solo, we′re still Big Bang′s Seungri and Big Bang′s G-Dragon. If we do great solo, it′ll be great for Big Bang as a whole too. It′s cool and I really look up to how we all promote individually and are successful."

What did the members say about your music?

"At first I really cared a lot about what they had to say. I was worried they would say it′s bad. That′s why I felt a lot of pressure when I had to compose and lyricize for my songs. Still, I think it was a great attempt, trying to contain the things Seungri picked up after touring the world in his music. Sometimes the hyungs give me pointers and criticize me, but I don′t feel bad. My heart beats at the thought of how Big Bang′s music will become even better through such experiences."

Do you have anything you want to say about promoting in Korea after your stay in Japan?

"I′m really happy I′ll be promoting in Korea. I won′t change my style, so that I won′t let down the fans who like Big Bang. I want to build my own boundary, a boundary that contains something really fun like Seungri′s cheerful image."

Photo credit: YG Entertainment

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