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f(x) Answers Questions in Chinese, Korean and English at KCON 2013

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2013.08.26 13:13 Mwave Elizabeth Eun

One of the more diverse groups in K-Pop, f(x) landed in America to meet and greet its even more diverse fanbase.

On August 26, f(x) met with the press at KCON 2013 at the Los Angeles Memorial Sports Center prior to performing on Global M COUNTDOWN: What′s up LA.

f(x) Answers Questions in Chinese, Korean and English at KCON 2013

Answering questions in English, Korean and Chinese, the members of f(x) proved to be the perfect fit for KCON′s international crowd.

And as the only girl group to perform at M COUNTDOWN, f(x) stood out in more ways than one.

"When we first heard that we were the only girl group going, we were a little surprised, and wondered why, but I think that f(x) is a little different from other girl groups since we have a more powerful image," said Luna. "We show that girls don′t have to have just a cute, pretty, or sexy image, but girls can also be strong, and powerful like men. I think maybe that′s why we were brought here [to represent girl groups]."

Luna went on to explain the group′s most recent concept, pinpointing how much the group has grown up.

"This time, we went for more of a romantic image, since we′re now all in our 20s and we′re adults, we worked hhard to show off a more romantic image," explained Luna.

It was a particularly special opportunity for Amber, who hails from Los Angeles.

"It′s always a pleasure for us to come overseas to perform, especially for me; LA′s my hometown and I love performing for my hometown," said Amber. "The girls are also practicing their English naturally here, so they′re excited too."

Amber also pulled double duty and filled in as a translator, when fellow member Victoria responded to Chinese press in her native language.

"It′s our fourth time in L.A. and everytime we come, we always see a lot of our Chinese fans," said Victoria (translation by Amber). "It′s always great to see them, either in L.A. or another country and we always appreciate them."

Photo credit: Lee Hyun Woo

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