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[Interview] Sunmi Says She Found Out Who She Really Is

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2013.08.25 15:00 Mwave Kim, JiYeon Translation Credit : Erika Kim

How did it feel for this celebrity who had left the spotlight behind for the past three years and seven months to be returning back to the light?

As she introduced herself as "rookie singer Sunmi," it seemed her expressions and aura betrayed how excited and nervous she felt about her new debut.

She said these days she can′t sleep because of her excitement and concern.

[Interview] Sunmi Says She Found Out Who She Really Is

She especially added that she had even taken oriental medicine pills that help calm the heart before her first press interview in five years.

Though her new concept made her look like a strong heart, she turned out to be a nervous girl inside.

"You probably can′t even begin to imagine how much I′ve been waiting for this moment. (Laugh) Actually, my mom was more worried than I was. She was worried I would be forgotten just like that. I′m sorry toward my family and fans to have made them worry so much. Personally, though, the past four years are precious to me, and I′m thankful for them. I was able to figure out who I really am, something I couldn′t figure out even when I was with Wonder Girls."

The decision to leave the group that had released so many mega hits such as Tell Me and Nobody was of course difficult. Sunmi, however, explained that it was a turning point in her journey toward becoming an adult.

"I entered college and made new friends. I was able to catch up with what I had missed after debuting at such a young age and fill in for what I lacked to become a better person. I tried to polish not only my skills but also whatever was inside of me."

She used to be like a little girl, but now she is a full-grown woman. Her new single 24 Hours also showed this. Her short, pink bob and tight costumes let her fans meet the new, mature Sunmi.

Park Jin Young′s efforts to pull out Sunmi′s merits really shined. It was the first time he participated in putting together the dance, song and music video for a solo female singer since Park Ji Yoon.

Thanks to his and Sunmi′s efforts, they were able to perfect a concept and performance just for Sunmi.

[Interview] Sunmi Says She Found Out Who She Really Is

"I found that a lot of people are looking forward to my comeback because I used to be a member of Wonder Girls. I′m nervous on whether I′ll be able to live up to those expectations, but I′m still happy that I′m returning to the stage. I want to show everyone how much I′ve changed.

I felt like I was just running without stopping when I was promoting with Wonder Girls, but the past three years and seven months helped me look back on myself. It wasn′t bad to spend time like that in the long run. It′s okay because I′ve become stronger."

At one time she was at the top of her area, and later on she spent time lying in wait, returning to her roots and her original mindset.

What she learned in the time between is what we should be looking for in the performance - her sweat, passion and longing for the stage.

Photo credit: JYP Entertainment

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