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Tajinyo Continues to Brew New Suspicions Just Before Hearing

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2012.03.15 17:56 Mwave Lee, JinHo Translation Credit : Erika Kim

The hearing for the defamation case against a handful of netizens who continued to accuse Tablo of falsifying his academic credentials will be taking place on March 16.

But the members of We Want the Truth from Tablo (Tajinyo) are undeterred and are continuously brewing up new suspicions.

Tajinyo Continues to Brew New Suspicions Just Before Hearing

On March 14, a member of the café posted a question asking who the new judge for the hearing would be. At this, one member dug up the judge’s name, the number of the judicial examination he passed and his alma maters.

Tajinyo first came into being in 2009 and has since continuously brought up suspicions about Tablo’s academics. On March 2010, Tablo sued 12 of those netizens, and the proceedings are currently underway. The fifth hearing was scheduled to take place on December 2011, but it was pushed back to March 16 because the certificate from Stanford University hadn’t arrived.

The judge of the March 16 hearing is new to the case, and Tajinyo members are stating that the trial will not be conducted impartially because he and Tablo’s lawyer had been trained at the same Judicial Research and Training Institute at the same time.

One member said, ‘He trained at the same place as Tablo’s lawyer. This reminds me of the film The Crucible. This looks like a rigged game’.

Tajinyo Continues to Brew New Suspicions Just Before Hearing

An official of the case said about the issue, “The issue is completely unrelated. Tajinyo is a group that continuously comes up with new suspicions. There’s no need to put any weight on their words.”

The official’s words have much truth to them, as the café has continued to come up with suspicions about Tablo, Insooni’s daughter and Park Jung Hyun, but has never claimed responsibility for the consequences of any of those suspicions. The group is led by a Korean resident in America, a Mr. Kim, that goes under the ID Whatbecomes.

Many are waiting to see what sentence the sued netizens will soon receive in the hearing.

Photo credit: MBC, Tajinyo

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