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[Exclusive Interview] Brown Eyed Girls Talks ‘Kill Bill’ and New Dance Craze

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2013.08.10 12:00 Mwave Nancy Lee

The Brown Eyed Girls of Abracadabra-fame are back, but instead of tricks, the girls are armed with a killer track.

The comeback marks the end to the group’s two-year hiatus, in which the Brown Eyed Girls members focused on their individual activities, with each member releasing solo albums.

However, the girls have regrouped as Brown Eyed Girls to suck K-Pop fans in with another infectious song, Kill Bill, and they answered a few of Mwave’s questions regarding the new album and, of course, the new, eye-catching dance.

[Exclusive Interview] Brown Eyed Girls Talks ‘Kill Bill’ and New Dance Craze

Mwave: What are your thoughts on making a comeback after two years?

Brown Eyed Girls (BEG): You’ve waited a long time, huh? Brown Eyed Girls is back after two years! We wanted to show that we’ve matured, so it took a little longer because we wanted to greet you all with an album that had our own special touch. Thanks to the fans and everyone who waited for us, continued to show interest in us and loved us during that time, we’re able to enjoy each and every day.

Mwave: What kind of song is the title track Kill Bill?

BEG: This title track is a pop song that fuses retro sounds with a shuffle rhythm. Jea and Lee Kyu Hyun [Candy Sound] composed it together, while songwriter Kim Ea Na’s lyrics add to the song’s addictive nature.

[Exclusive Interview] Brown Eyed Girls Talks ‘Kill Bill’ and New Dance Craze

Mwave: Isn’t it rare for a girl group member’s self-composed song to be selected as a title track?

Jea: It was a little burdensome, but I thought of it as an opportunity. I’ve been composing for a while now, but it was my first time [composing] a Brown Eyed Girls’ song.

BEG: Since our group was formed and as Brown Eyed Girls’ leader, Jea knows each members’ characteristics better than anyone else, so we trusted her.

Mwave: The music video has attracted a lot of attention for parodying the film Kill Bill. What was the mood like on set?

BEG: We tried our hand at action scenes for the first time, and although the music video is comical, we took filming very seriously. It was physically exhausting as we filmed in the sweltering heat for close to four nights, but because it was an album we’ve been preparing for a long time, the members gave each other strength and we filmed happily.

Mwave: The choreography is also attracting a lot of attention? What is the signature move?

BEG: After our first performance, the fans have given the wrist snapping move in the chorus a number of names, from ‘the counting cash dance’ and ‘swing swing swing dance’ to ‘grocery shopping dance,’ but we decided to call it the ‘counting cash dance.’ Rather than have difficult details, the choreography contains a lot of moves that are easy to follow after seeing just once, so if you see the wrist snap move once, it’s really easy to follow.

[Exclusive Interview] Brown Eyed Girls Talks ‘Kill Bill’ and New Dance Craze

Mwave: After focusing on solo activities, you have all regrouped for the first time in two years. What were some of the pros and cons of flying solo and promoting as a group?

BEG: As solo artists, each member is able to show off her individual charm the best, and the pro is that we can promote in a genre and with a concept that best suits us as individuals not as a group. But there’s also a concept that’s only possible as Brown Eyed Girls the group, when four people create one thing. And more than anything else, when we’re together, we’re not lonely, which is good. When we’re together, time just flies by.

Mwave: Is there anything you want to achieve through this album?

BEG: For one, we’ve unveiled a girl group member-composed title track for the first time. Now, rather than do what we’re given, we want to tell our story by communicating with the public and want to receive affirmation not as just a girl group but as artists.

[Exclusive Interview] Brown Eyed Girls Talks ‘Kill Bill’ and New Dance Craze

Mwave: Tell us about your future promotion plans!

BEG: Since we just made our comeback, we’re planning on concentrating on music program promotions for the fifth album! For as long as the fans have waited for us, we want to meet with the fans for as long as possible and plan to do just that. And please listen closely to the other tracks on the album in addition to the title track!

Mwave: A final word for the fans?

BEG: First, thank you to the fans who waited without fail for what was a really long two years. As the members contributed more to this album than ever before, we’re promoting it with a lot of affection. We ask for your continued interest and we love you! Thank you!

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