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[Interview] How Ha Yeon Soo Grew to Become the Biggest Rookie Around

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2013.08.11 17:00 Mwave An So Hyoun Translation Credit : Erika Kim

Ha Yeon Soo is a modern day Cinderella. She became a big star in advertising in the five months after her debut, and with her appearance in Monstar she grabbed a lead role in another upcoming piece. This Busan girl who knew nothing but art has become the hottest rookie in showbiz.

"I never imagined I would become an actress. I loved to watch movies and dramas, but I never dreamed of being in them because I′m not pretty or tall. I was handed good opportunities by great people, and I turned them over for a long time because I didn′t know whether I would be good. I thought, however, after watching my favorite movie Leon that I would love to put on a brand of acting only I can be good at, and that′s how I came to start on this track."

[Interview] How Ha Yeon Soo Grew to Become the Biggest Rookie Around

She first debuted through the film Temperature of Love in March, and recently appeared as a lead in the Mnet music drama Monstar. As Seyi, a girl who was hurt by the misunderstandings between her and her mother, she perfectly delivered more than what anyone would expect from a rookie.

"I′m not that quick in learning, so my acting looks different. I didn′t want to excuse myself, saying that I′m new to acting. I believe there′s an instinct that actors use when they act, but I don′t have that, so I have to work harder. I did put on bad acting in some scenes. Near the beginning I wasn′t really into my role, so that ended up as bad acting."

Monstar is a special piece for her. It pointed her to her way up, and also showed her the serious attitude she should adopt before acting. Sei was actually a difficult role for a rookie like her to take up. She said she was always scolded on set.

"Seyi is precious to me, and she′s like my daughter. Monstar is like a country I used to live in. My life was all about it. At first I thought Seyi was like me, but as the piece went on I came to feel she was different and I felt sad for her. Sei wasn′t very socially adept, so she couldn′t converse with others well. [On the other hand] I′m actually pretty quick. (Laugh)"

[Interview] How Ha Yeon Soo Grew to Become the Biggest Rookie Around

Though she looked like a little girl, she spoke her thoughts with confidence. She said she doesn′t think she′s pretty, but she had a bright smile and a brand of modesty that could break through everyone′s guard.

Her popularity, however, brought her anti-fans too.

"I do believe people can hate other people for no reason, but still it makes me sad when I see things be said about me that aren′t true. I search my name for articles about me and I read the comments, but there are a lot of comments that I can′t even repeat out loud. A lot say I had plastic surgery, while others say I′m backed by a sponsor. I don′t think I can get any prettier because I′m not the type that can appeal with her looks. (Laugh) My agency helps me out a lot and I work hard too, but I′m sad when I see a lot of people say that everything I have came from a sponsor."

Despite the hardships, she still couldn′t hide the anticipation she felt for her upcoming piece. She will be leading tvN′s A Sweet Potato Shaped Like a Star, by producer Kim Byung Wook of the High Kick series.

[Interview] How Ha Yeon Soo Grew to Become the Biggest Rookie Around

"Seyi at least lived in an apartment, but this time I′ll be a part-time worker who lives in a poor town that will soon be torn down. I′m looking forward to it because I think my role′s bright personality will fit me. It′s lucky that I got to take up roles for Monstar and Sweet Potato Star."

"Director Kim Byung Wook contacted me after watching the first episode of Monstar, and I was embarrassed because I was so bad but it was still an honor and I really wanted to do it," said Ha Yeon Soo.

"I didn′t want to miss this opportunity so I showed how much I want to be in the piece. I′m happy I′ll get to meet you again with a completely different image. (Laugh)"

Photo credit: Hea Jung Min

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