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[Star of the Week] Our Favorite Moments of Victoria and Nichkhun’s Marriage

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2013.08.04 18:00 Mwave Grace Danbi Hong

Every couple on MBC’ We Got Married has their own charms and cute moments, but f(x) Victoria and 2PM’s Nichkhun’s marriage on the reality TV program was something special.

[Star of the Week] Our Favorite Moments of Victoria and Nichkhun’s Marriage

From the beginning, they had a hard time speaking to each other since the only language they could really communicate in was Korean, and well…both Victoria and Nichkhun are still learning.

Despite the language and cultural barriers, Nichkhun and Victoria made their relationship really shine as they learned to get along and eventually fall in love on television as viewers, including us, cooed at their adorable relationship.

Failed 007 Mission

On the day of 2PM’s comeback, Victoria wanted to surprise Nichkhun with a packed lunch for all of the members.

But to make it a surprise, she had to keep herself hidden away until the right moment, so she casted her SHINee dongseng to do the job.

Unfortunately for Victoria, despite the sneaking around and even practicing for the big reveal, the 2PM members figured everything out before Victoria even showed up in the waiting room to surprise Nichkhun.

But the important thing is that Nichkhun was touched either way.

Another Surprise Gone Wrong

Wanting to repay Victoria for what she did, Nichkhun wanted to surprise Victoria as she prepared for f(x)’s comeback.

Getting help from the miss A members, Nichkhun packed delicious Chinese food for Victoria.

At first Victoria was super moved that Nichkhun cooked all the food, but as she found out that Nichkhun didn’t do it alone and miss A were actually at the Khuntoria honeymoon house, Victoria’s mood fell as Nichkhun started sweating bullets.

At least he tried.

Visiting the In-Laws

When Nichkhun and Victoria were in Thailand, it was only right for them to visit Nichkhun’s family.

Not only did she have a blast meeting her in-laws, learning how to cook Nichkhun’s favorite dish from his mother, and looking at Nichkhun’s baby photos, Victoria also presented a special dance tutorial of f(x)’s Nu Abo, created by the Khuntoria couple.

Hoodie Kiss

If you’ve ever been to a baseball game, one of the most fun moments is when the kiss cam comes around the corner.

So when Victoria went to pitch the first ball with Nichkhun at home plate at a baseball game, the kiss cam found the Khuntoria couple and everyone in the entire stadium urged them to kiss.

And that is where the hoodie kiss came from – not one, but two, because the spectators did not approve of such kiss.

Nichkhun later regrettably admitted that he might have actually given her a real kiss if her hoodie wasn’t in the way.

Girls, never wear hoodies.

Wedding Shoots and First Kisses

Our favorite part of We Got Married are the elegant and beautiful wedding shoots and it was our favorite especially for Victoria and Nichkhun.

Although they’ve been ‘together’ for at least a year, both singers experienced a new sense of heart-fluttering nervousness as they found themselves closer than ever.

With the directions from the photographer, Victoria and Nichkhun shared their first kiss (?) as all the staff and even Amber, who came to visit, held their breath as the monumental moment took place.

Photo Credit: Jardin de l′Amant

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