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Girls’ Generations’ Sunny Once Threatened to Push Yoona Down the Stairs

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2012.03.12 16:53 Mwave Stewart Ho

Even the close Girls’ Generation members have times when they don’t quite get along - but at least the girls are open about it!

On the March 11 broadcast of jTBC’s Girls’ Generation and the Dangerous Boys a mock court session was acted out while the girls tried to resolve a conflict from a quarrel between the boys.

During the role-playing Sunny turned to ask Yoona, “Does Girls’ Generation also play jokes with each other? Is it true Yoona once was scolded by the other members?”

Yoona then responded, “One time in the waiting room for a music show program the tired members [of Girls’ Generation] were sleeping and I was talking in a cute voice with another member. But then one member who had been sleeping [woke up], unleashing some biting remarks [to me] then pulled up her blanket to sleep again.”

Sunny then, pretending not to know, asked for the disclosure of who that member was to which Yoona immediately replied, “It was you!”

Sunny then did a spot-on impersonation of Yoona speaking in her cute voice and asked if that was cute to which Yoona replied, “Now that I think about it, it is irritating. Sorry,” inciting laughter from everyone.

Girls’ Generations’ Sunny Once Threatened to Push Yoona Down the Stairs

But sympathy was drawn to Yoona when she humorously added, “Still, I think threatening to push me down the stairs if I did it again is a bit too much!” revealing Sunny’s feisty personality.

Play nice now, girls!

Photo credit: jTBC

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