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[Video Reaction] EXO Has Us ‘Growling’ in New MV

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2013.08.01 10:03 Mwave Grace Danbi Hong

So to be honest, we laughed when we heard the title of EXO’s new song was Growl (funnier in Korean by the way), but after watching this music video, we’re not laughing so much anymore (more drooling instead).

The music video for Growl was released at midnight on August 1 as promised by SM, and let’s just say, we went in not knowing what to expect and came out wanting more of what we just watched.

If you felt the music video was too short, go watch the Chinese version too and then keep switching back and forth from Korean to Chinese (It’ll help time go by so much faster on a long day).

[Video Reaction] EXO Has Us ‘Growling’ in New MV

E: Um, hello sexy time
G: Okay, how do they make school uniforms look SO HAWT

G: OMG Baekhyun
G: I think my fangirl mode just switched on.

[Video Reaction] EXO Has Us ‘Growling’ in New MV

E: This dance reminds me of Infinite H
G: The beat sort of does too

N: So this is what the bad boys did when they cut class
E: I approve
G: SO approve

[Video Reaction] EXO Has Us ‘Growling’ in New MV

E: Omg hat trick
E: That was sexy
E: I need to wear a hat so some guy does that to me at the club.

G: The song makes me laugh hahaha 으르렁~

[Video Reaction] EXO Has Us ‘Growling’ in New MV

G: Ohh that′s so cool how they transition like that

N: Se Hun so sexyyy

[Video Reaction] EXO Has Us ‘Growling’ in New MV

G: This is gold.

[Video Reaction] EXO Has Us ‘Growling’ in New MV

E: Yea can′t believe this is one take
E: but so good
G: I′m so skeptical of this one take business
G: because this is SO GOOD and TOO perfect to be true
E: yea but look at the lights
E: they keep flickering... they couldn′t have edited that
E: right..?
G: This just raises my respect level for EXO
E: hahaha

[Video Reaction] EXO Has Us ‘Growling’ in New MV


[Video Reaction] EXO Has Us ‘Growling’ in New MV

N: It′s a clubbbb
E: No club I have been to has guys like this
E: who can move like this
N: Or is this well lit

[Video Reaction] EXO Has Us ‘Growling’ in New MV

E: I don′t like well-lit clubs.. they stress me out
G: Because you can see all the ugly faces?
E: Yea...
G: But this is one club I’d like to be well-lit
G: Not a single ugly face in the house
E: This is true

E: I′d like to just stand in the middle of this
E: Just like Lay

N: Ah the growling...is all in the face
G: Haha that gorilla dance is so fun
N: Yeah it′s perfect for the song

[Video Reaction] EXO Has Us ‘Growling’ in New MV

E: Oh it′s over
E: that was too soon
E: I′m so sad
G: Dang it.
G: Replay?

Conclusion: Where is this club and will EXO be there to Growl at us?

Photo Credit: SM Entertainment

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