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[Star of the Week] The Boys that Send Electric Shocks to f(x)

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2013.08.04 12:00 Mwave Grace Danbi Hong

As a group of five beautiful girls, f(x) is bound to attract some hot boys, and this is certainly the case as the f(x) members have surrounded themselves with some handsome men over the five years they’ve been active.

Acquainted through dramas, variety shows, or just off screen, these are the boys that have sent electric shocks to f(x).

[Star of the Week] The Boys that Send Electric Shocks to f(x)

Krystal – Lee Jong Seok

Whenever we think of these two, the sounds of “Stupid!” and “Bbuing Bbuing” come to mind.

Krystal and Lee Jong Seok became good friends though MBC’s High Kick – the Attack of the Short Legs, where they actually played siblings rather than lovers.

Their bickering but endearing relationship on-air eventually caught the attention of its viewers, who thought Krystal and Lee Jong Seok looked good together.

Cue fashion pictorials together and even dating rumors – which they’ve both denied.

Krystal recently shared that she and the actor are still close friends, even though she’s not watching his popular drama, I Hear Your Voice.

[Star of the Week] The Boys that Send Electric Shocks to f(x)

Victoria – Kangta

While they are sunbae-hoobae status, Kangta shared an inkling of desire to be on MBC’s We Got Married with Victoria. Saying he likes women with pretty eyes, Kangta named Victoria as the closest to his ideal type of woman.

Hearing what Kangta said, Victoria said she was honored, since she was a huge H.O.T fan back in the days. But she said that he’s just a close oppa and he probably didn’t mean it any other way.

Just like Kangta said, it doesn’t seem like Victoria sees him as a man at all. He’s been oppa-zoned.

[Star of the Week] The Boys that Send Electric Shocks to f(x)

Sulli – Lee Hyun Woo

We chose to focus on this pairing instead of SHINee’s Minho because Minho got a happy ending in SBS’ To the Beautiful You.

Playing the second lead who never gets the girl, Lee Hyun Woo didn’t get Sulli, but he was a pretty good sport about it. Being her best friend when no one was around her, Lee Hyun Woo kept Sulli optimistic in the drama, always cheering her up and making her smile.

If there was ever a time when we caught the second lead syndrome, it was for Lee Hyun Woo in this drama.

[Star of the Week] The Boys that Send Electric Shocks to f(x)

Luna – Ryeowook

Starring in the same musical together, Luna and Ryeowook became high school sweethearts for High School Musical.

Playing the popular Disney Channel couple, Troy and Gabriela, Luna and Ryeowook harmonized together for the musical, but since there are many actors playing the same roles, it’s not certain how many times Luna and Ryeowook have actually acted as a loving couple on stage.

But maybe that’s a good thing, since they’re practically siblings after growing up together in SM together.

[Star of the Week] The Boys that Send Electric Shocks to f(x)

Amber – Jonghyun – Donghae

Lucky Amber gets not one but two handsome boys in her lives.

Known as the dino siblings, Amber, SHINee’s Jonghyun, and Super Junior’s Donghae became a thing after they realized that they looked like each other.

While they can also be the llama trio, Amber recently compared herself, Jonghyun, and Donghae with Pokemon on KBS’ Hello.

Amber said that she is Charmander, Jonghyun is Charmeleon, and Donghae is Charizard.

Whether she’s a llama or a Pokemon, we’re just jealous she has Jonghyun and Donghae by her side.

Photo Credit: KBS, SM Entertainment, SBS, CJ E&M, O′live, Lee Jong Seok′s SNS

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