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[Special Edition] Libra Hyun Bin, Scorpio Yeon Jeong Hun and Sagittarius Yang Hyun Suk

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2012.03.10 08:02 Mwave Choi, EunHwa Translation Credit : Erika Kim

TvN’s new drama Twelve Men in a Year is bringing new light to one of the most popular superstitions: horoscopes. The drama is especially popular among women in their 20s and 30s, as it portrays relationships from the point of view of women.

Which celebrities have the same zodiac signs as those men in Twelve Men in a Year? Which zodiac signs can you find the most popular male stars under? We put together a list of male stars by sign and what they would be like in a relationship.

[Special Edition] Libra Hyun Bin, Scorpio Yeon Jeong Hun and Sagittarius Yang Hyun Suk

‘Libra’ Hyun Bin, silenced on rumors of their separation for Song Hye Gyo

We’ve already done Libra, but we realized we’ve left out a few important names. As a reminder, Libras (September 23-October 23) are the type that sees their love through to the end. They’re very polite and kind, and are peaceful people who believe in harmony. Their weakness is romance, however, so they’re touched by even the smallest presents, and no matter what, they try to keep their head cool in front of love, but that doesn’t mean they’re really okay.

Hyun Bin, Song Seung Hun, Ju Won, Brown Eyed Soul’s Naul and Super Junior’s Donghae are all Libras. Hyun Bin rose to star status with his cold Kim Ju Won character in the drama Secret Garden, but in reality, the real Hyun Bin is someone completely different from Kim Ju Won. Hyun Bin is known as a kind man who’s always careful in voicing his opinions and emotions. He even let the public know about his separation with Song Hye Gyo two months after the actual breakup just for her.

Naul is another typical Libra. He’s been in a relationship with actress Han Hye Jin for nine years, making the couple one of the long running couples in showbiz. They can also be seen trying to be considerate of each other when questions about their relationship or marriage pop up at official events.

Supernova’s Sungjae will be representing Libras. He is the barista of the café Byulmaru, and is sensitive and kind, even providing latte art services for his customers’ moods. Because of his personality, he’s always involved in rumors with the girls working at the café.

[Special Edition] Libra Hyun Bin, Scorpio Yeon Jeong Hun and Sagittarius Yang Hyun Suk

‘Scorpio’ Yeon Jeong Hun, Han Ga In’s passionate man

Scorpios (October 24-November 22) are energetic and passionate men, and they’re intense and dominant. As much as they are calm and careful, they’re suspicious and have a knack at gathering many enemies. They don’t wish to depend on women, are often jealous and are very possessive. They don’t confess their love because they’re too proud to, but they show how they feel by picking on the person they like.

So Ji Sub, Lee Dong Wook, Yeon Jeong Hun, Ryu Jin, Se7en and Big Bang’s T.O.P. are Scorpio. You could say that Yeon Jeong Hun is dominant and possessive. He drew out jealous looks from many men when he wed one of their biggest ideal types, Han Ga In. His hobby is also collecting cars. He previously made issues after it became known that he owns many expensive sports cars.

Se7en and Park Han Byul form another couple with a long history, staying together for 10 years since they started dating in high school. The two are well known for being lovers and big supporters of each other, working in the same business and respecting each other’s work.

Park Ji Woo will be representing Scorpio in Twelve Men in a Year. Kang Soo (Park Ji Woo) is a dance instructor, and he becomes pitched in a misunderstanding when he starts preparing for a tango competition with Chan Sung’s (Park Ji Il) wife Yeon Soon.

[Special Edition] Libra Hyun Bin, Scorpio Yeon Jeong Hun and Sagittarius Yang Hyun Suk

‘Sagittarius’ Yang Hyun Suk, what’s in a wedding?

Sagittarius (November 23-December 21) men are free souls. They always aim toward freedom, love novelties and are philosophical. Because they rush into relationships, they easily fall for cute expressions and kind acts.

Yang Hyun Suk, SHINee’s Minho, Ji Hyun Woo, ZE:A’s Im Si Wan, Lee Seung Chul, Im Chang Jung and Chun Jung Myung are Sagittarius men. Yang Hyun Suk is a celebrity that could speak for all Sagittarius celebrities. He fathered two children after dating former Tweety member Lee Eun Ju for nine years, but he never held a wedding ceremony. He has his own set of values, and isn’t going to follow established tradition.

Few can make out what Chun Jung Myung is thinking. He once appeared on a talk show and revealed his ‘free and liberal’ mindset, surprising the others around him. MC Yoo Jae Suk once said he was taken aback by how unique Chun Jung Myung was, saying, “He was the actor that made my hands shake.”

Park Ji Il appears as the photographer Chan Sung in Twelve Men in a Year, and will show the characteristics attributed to Sagittarius. He is married, but because he has a free soul, he leaves his wife feeling lonesome in the wake of his many affairs. He even tries to hit on his daughter’s best friend Tanya after finding out that they have a lot in common.

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